Unique Dog Names, Give your Dog Some Personality

Have you ever been to a dog park and discover there are 3 or more dogs that all have the same name? I have. If I meet one more dog named Luna, I am going to loose all hope in peoples creative abilities!

Yes it is a beautiful name, and we all want something that both sounds nice and is fitting to our dogs physical appearance and personality. But above all that, we want something that is at least somewhat unique.

That is not always an easy thing to do. Having recently gotten a new puppy and spending countless hours looking through lists of dog names online, what we found is that each list seems to have just copied the previous one, they were all the same! (And Luna was at the top of several of them).

Naming is an act or poetry, for many people the only creative moment of their lives.

Sir Richard Ryre

We have taken a different approach, each name in our list we have come up with on our own, and in fact we have gone through and removed any that existed on previous lists. In short, if you see a name here, you can be certain it is truly unique.

We hope you can find the perfect unique name here, but if not, well at least we got your creative juices flowing. Lets get creative, no more naming our puppies Rex, Cooper, Fred or Bella, Lucy and Bailey.

Unique Dog Names Featured


  1. Alberta
  2. Alexa
  3. Allegra
  4. Astrid
  5. Aurora
  6. Bambi
  7. Betty
  8. Beyonce
  9. Boots
  10. Britt
  11. Brooke
  12. Cinnamon
  13. Connie
  14. Cora
  15. Deja
  16. Delta
  17. Dixie
  18. Dory
  19. Edna
  20. Ellie
  21. Enya
  22. Erma
  23. Eva
  24. Fawn
  25. Frida
  26. Gala
  27. Hermione
  28. Hope
  29. Ichigo
  30. India
  31. Inu
  32. Ivy
  33. Jade
  34. Jewels
  35. June
  36. Juno
  37. Kenna
  38. Kimchi
  39. Kizzy
  40. Lark
  41. Larsen
  42. Leah
  43. Lexi
  44. Lila
  45. London
  46. Lyla
  47. Maple
  48. Marge
  49. Matilda
  50. Maya
  51. Melody
  52. Mia
  53. Mila
  54. Myra
  55. Nixie
  56. Noodle
  57. Nora
  58. Nova
  59. Oline
  60. Ophelia
  61. Paisley
  62. Pandora
  63. Paprika
  64. Pearl
  65. Piña
  66. Piper
  67. Piri
  68. Plum
  69. Pumperickel
  70. Reba
  71. Rianna
  72. Rogue
  73. Rose
  74. Ruby
  75. Rylee
  76. Saffron
  77. Sahara
  78. Santana
  79. Sierra
  80. Sona
  81. Star
  82. Sunday
  83. Sushi
  84. Talia
  85. Tawny
  86. Teal
  87. Tiggy
  88. Tonks
  89. Tyra
  90. Uma
  91. Ursula
  92. Verona
  93. Vida
  94. Wanda
  95. Waverly
  96. Willow
  97. Wren
  98. Xena
  99. Yuki
  100. Zuzu


  1. Abacus
  2. Aero
  3. Aladdin
  4. Albus
  5. Arthur
  6. Asher
  7. Axel
  8. Ayrton
  9. Baloo
  10. Baron
  11. Beckett
  12. Berkley
  13. Bertie
  14. Bowie
  15. Burger
  16. Byron
  17. Caesar
  18. Channing
  19. Chard
  20. Cobi
  21. Coon
  22. Cornchip
  23. Cozby
  24. Daffy
  25. Dexter
  26. Dezi
  27. Diego
  28. Dodger
  29. Donkey
  30. Doodle
  31. Doug
  32. Eeyore
  33. Ethan
  34. Etsy
  35. Fang
  36. Ferdinand
  37. Flix
  38. Flynn
  39. Gatsby
  40. Genie
  41. Gidget
  42. Gromit
  43. Guinness
  44. Harper
  45. Henrik
  46. Hiccup
  47. Houdini
  48. Jax
  49. Kade
  50. Kai
  51. Kong
  52. Lego
  53. Lenny
  54. Lennon
  55. Levi
  56. Lumiere
  57. Lupin
  58. Marvel
  59. Miri
  60. Miyagi
  61. Mufasa
  62. Mugsy
  63. Nacho
  64. Nemo
  65. Nico
  66. Oatmeal
  67. Octavia
  68. Odie
  69. Odin
  70. Pepper
  71. Pike
  72. Pizza
  73. Porter
  74. Puck
  75. Remy
  76. Royce
  77. Rudolf
  78. Scarface
  79. Scooter
  80. Seven
  81. Shmidt
  82. Sid
  83. Siri
  84. Skipper
  85. Sneakers
  86. Snuffles
  87. Sparky
  88. Sprite
  89. Stitch
  90. Sudoku
  91. Taco
  92. Tatum
  93. Tesla
  94. Thor
  95. Thumper
  96. Vettel
  97. Wally
  98. Winston
  99. Woody
  100. Ziggy

How To Find A Unique Dog Name Yourself

“Pugsley” The Pudgy Pug is famous in our area. His names is taken from the Adams Family.

Didn’t find a name that truly spoke to you in our list? Don’t worry we are not offended, we know how difficult it is. In the many weeks it took us to develop this list, we developed quite the knack for it. We found it helpful to draw names form certain categories. The most useful of which were:


All dogs love food, so it makes sense that naming them after foods seems to work so well. If the food scrap your puppy seems to love the most is beans then “Bean” or “Beans” will likely be a great unique name.

Cities And Towns:

Be is the town where your pup was rescued from or the place where your dogs breed stems from, cities and towns either make great names or give you great ideas. My first dog was rescued from Pawtucket Road Island and we called him Tucker.

Other Languages:

Many of the most overused dog names today were created from the love languages, Italian, French and Spanish e.g. Bella, Mignon. Pina. But it’s rare to see names derived from Japanese, Korean or Russian. We had a Russian Blue Cat called Peschka (pronounced pesh-ka) many years ago and most people found it intriguing enough to ask us about it.

Cartoon Characters:

This is further down the list because it is often over used. But the problem is that Disney writer do such a magnificent job of choosing character names and we as viewers attached heart felt meaning to them. If you are able to deviate far enough from the main characters it can work though, not many people remember the dogs Pepe and Daisy from Secret Life Of Pets.

Sport Professionals:

We have snuck a few of these into our list, we were able to do so while maintaining uniqueness by picking lesser known athletes. The local football or hockey team are great sources, both first and last name work. We like sports because it allows us to use attributes of the dog that it has in common with an athlete. Is your dog really fast, Usain or Bolt (Usain Bolt, runner), Ayrton Or Senna (Ayrton Senna, F1 driver) would make great names.


Brands do a lot of research into what to name their products, so we tend to like the sound of a lot of them. Alexa, Siri, Seiko all sound fantastic to me. though be aware if you name your dog Alexa, it will drive your Amazon device mantal.


If your looking for something truly unique you may find you have to avoid this all together or at least the big names like Hendrix and Bowie, these are heavily overused. I know, I know we have Beyonce on our list. But in all my years working with dogs and among the thousands of instagram followers who answer our “what is your dogs name” question we didn’t hear it once!


Naming a dog should be fun and though you may feel pressured to come up with a name that is perfect right off the bat, unlike with children, switch out your dogs name after a few weeks is common, and a very acceptable action, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

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  1. 🦄 my dog was a miniature border collie crossed with a old English , he was a one in a million dog/friend and his name was Ojay


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