Best Retractable Dog Leash

Best Retractable Dog Leash

With all the moving parts in a retractable leash, they are well known for breaking and falling apart. However after reviewing all the most popular models, we were surprised to

Best Dog Water Bottles

Best Dog Water Bottles

Did you know that for every 1 lb of your dog’s body weight, he should be drinking ½ oz – 2 oz of water per day. That means that a

Best Citronella Bark Collar

Best Citronella Bark Collars

Does your dog bark or yap incessantly? Are you looking for a quick and kind way to teach them to be quiet? If so – look no further than a

Best Dog Saddle Bags

Best Dog Saddle Bags

Taking your pup out for an action-packed weekend sounds like all fun and games until you think about carrying his water and bowl around for him all day! Well, what

Best Dog Pools

Best Dog Pools

Looking for a great way to keep your dog cool this summer? Well, look no more – because we’ve found the perfect solution – a dog pool! These canine swimming

Best Thermometers For Dogs

Best Dog Thermometers

Having a dog thermometer in your home could one day save your dog’s life, and for such a minimal investment, isn’t it worth it? When looking at any kind of

Best Anti Chew Dog Spray

Best Dog Anti-Chew Spray

Struggling to find a good solution to stop your dog from chewing? Have you considered an anti-chew spray? They’re non-toxic, effective, and can help to save your home from destruction!

Best Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

Best Automatic Ball Launchers For Dogs

Struggling to give your dog as much exercise as he truly needs? Introducing one of the most fun solutions you’ll ever find – the automatic ball launcher! A great backyard

Best Dog Head Halters

Best Head Halters And Gentle Leaders

On a good walk with your dog, you are in control and you are both comfortable and enjoying yourselves. For many people who struggle to control their powerful dog, such