Progressive Growth Of A Puppy

The Developmental Stages of Puppy Growth

Raising a puppy is an incredibly rewarding experience. Puppies grow up so fast that, if you’re not careful, puppyhood will be over before you know it. By paying careful attention

Dog And Human Hands Forming Heart Symbol

Does My Dog Love Me?

We know that our dogs love us, but what does that really mean? Our dog’s reaction when we come home is obvious and, when we stare into their eyes, it’s

Dog Chewing And Destroying A Pillow

How To Stop Inappropriate Dog Chewing

Inappropriate chewing is one of the most frustrating problems facing dog owners and dogs can make quick work of carpet, shoes, upholstery, furniture, or even walls and doors. The reasons

Dog Being Given A Stern Talking Too

Dog Training Basics: 15 Minutes To A Better Dog

Life gets busy, and juggling dog ownership with work, kids, hobbies, and chores can be tricky. But as a responsible dog owner, it’s important to prioritize dog training in order

Dog Teeth Cleaning Chews

Dog Toothbrushing Alternatives

Did you know that as many as 4 out of 5 dogs have significant oral health problems by the time they’re 3 years old? That means more than just bad