5 Compelling Reasons To Groom Your Dog Yourself

Ever considered grooming your dog at home? Did you not do it because it seemed overly complicated or thought it just wasn’t possible? You’re not alone.

Many dog owners choose the path of using a groomer. Not everyone has the time and if that’s your scenario then we understand, you need to find a good groomer. But if you have the time, are open-minded and willing to get your hands a little dirty, most will find it not only easy but enjoyable to learn to groom their dog’s themselves.

Did you think maybe you needed a boatload of gear? grooming tables, special hair dryers, and specialized equipment? That is just not the case. Most people can do a great job with very minimal items they probably already have.

So, we encourage everyone to groom their animals (not just dogs) and here are some of the important reason why.


Our favorite reason for grooming your dog yourself is that it is a great bonding experience. There is no better quality time than those moments spent carefully clipping the hair from around their paws or trimming their nails down to make walking more comfortable for them. It is almost like your dog knows you are taking care of them and will like you all the more because of it.

A Dog Saving Money

The Money Savings

The average cost of grooming a dog these days comes in at around $80. That may not seem like a lot at first, however, the recommended number of times to have your dog groomed is every 2 months! At the end of the year that adds up to a total of $480. More than enough money to buy yourself an at home grooming kit many times over.

No Need To Travel

No more packing your dog up into the car, driving across town to make your grooming appointment, only to need to go back 2 hours later and collect the little guy. You can do it all from the comfort of your own home. In the summer on a balcony in the sun is the perfect place to make it enjoyable, for both of you, and minimize the clean-up.

Ensuring Your Dog Is Treaded With Care

If given the time and attention, all dogs love being groomed. The unfortunate truth is that many groomers simply don’t have the time and sometimes the patience and training to go at the right pace. Having previously been groomers ourselves we sympathize with their situation, wanting to keep the costs down and then needing to finish in a certain time frame is not ideal.

Have you ever seen a dog being blow dried when it has not been given the time to become accustomed to the noise and the whole experience in general? Or have you tried to clip your puppies hair and discovered the slow process required to familiarize the pup with the clippers?

By doing your dog’s grooming yourself, you are assured that your dog is being treated gently and is enjoying the whole process from start to finish. I always give my pups a big juicy bone after long grooming sessions, I am yet to meet a groomer who is able to do the same.

Being Able To Do These Things When Your Pup Needs It

 Many people underestimate how useful it is to be able to do all the dog grooming tasks yourself. If your dog has an overgrown toenail, no problem, you can just clip it yourself instead of waiting for the next visit to the groomer. Same with things like tangled hair, dirt in their ears or eyes, you can simply take care of it on the spot, because you have the know how to do so.

So you want to give it a try?

Where To Learn:

We have rounded up some good resources for you that will do more than just get you started:

Tools You Need:

To get started grooming at home, there is actually very little equipment you need:

  • Some dog shampoo
  • An old towel
  • A pair of scissors
  • Nail clippers
  • Hair clippers (optional depending on dogs coat)
  • A blow drier (optional, but speeds up the process)

If you need help finding a good pair of dog hair clippers or nail clippers these articles will definitely set you on the right path.

You can take your time to learn, doing things very gradually. The first bath may only be getting their feet wet and their first nail clipping may only involve showing the dog the clippers and letting them smell them. But trust that you’re doing the right thing by your pup. We know your relationship will be better because of it.

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