Ways To Pick Up Your Dog’s Hair That Doesn’t Involve A Lint Roller

Dog hair: the ultimate pup accessory that you never asked for. Having a furry family member means accepting the fact that your house, wardrobe, and nostrils will always be coated in the stuff. Luckily, for as many places that dog hair can disperse, there are just as many ways that it can be picked up. Well, almost. Here are 9 creative ways to pick up dog hair besides the classic lint roller.

WeCare Pet Grooming Glove

Why have separate tools for grooming and hair removal when you can do both with this nifty brush glove? After brushing, bathing or massaging your pet with this glove, use the other side to pick up all the loose hair. To clean, peel the layer of hair off the glove, wash with soap, and dry it with an air dryer.

Evercare Large Surface Mega Roller

You might say this is just a giant lint roller, and honestly, you’re right. This baby is perfect for hair-coated couches, carpets, and other large hairy surfaces. And with the extra-long handle, you can even be lounging while hair-removing at the same time.

KONG ZoomGroom

Probably the cutest looking thing on the list, this dog grooming tool comes in adorable colors. The firm yet gentle bristles are perfect for both grooming and removing your dog’s excess hair.

Dyson Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum is like the luxury vehicle of hair removal tools. No piece of dog hair will be spared. Its tangle-free turbine tool is merciless on dirt and hair from carpets and upholstery.

Pick It Up Mitt

The best option for delicate garments covered with dog hair, this tool is safe for clothing that cannot stand more abrasive ways of removing dog hair. To clean it just rub off against a clean cloth and remove any layer of hair.

FurZapper Pet Hair Remover For Laundry

Don’t feel like doing the work? If you have unpleasantly hairy clothes, put these little guys in the washing machine. Like a magnet, the hair sticks to the FurZapper, so clothes come out hairless. Don’t forget to throw your mitt in the wash for cleaning too!

Dryer Sheets

If you don’t have extra cash to drop on $400 vacuums, use a standard dryer sheet to get the job done with extra elbow grease. Dampening the sheet a bit before applying on your living room furniture will make a world of difference.

Rubber gloves

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Get a pair of rubber gloves slightly damp and rub them on your clothes and furniture. The hair won’t know what hit it and will fall off with ease. A mother’s favorite and cheapest tool for fur removal!

And if all else fails, and you’re looking for something that could help you in your time of need, simply open up your junk drawer and reach for that giant roll of duct tape. Sometimes you just won’t have access to any heavy-duty or fancy contraptions and will just have to go with a good old-fashioned roll of tape as a last resource. Either way, the fur of your furriest friend might be their only flaw, but don’t let it take away from form the comfort of their endless cuddles!

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