Best Dog Treadmills

Is your dog exhibiting some unwanted behavior because he is just not burning off his energy in a productive way? If you’re finding it hard to get your pup out for his daily walk, whether it’s due to your busy schedule or mobility issues, a dog treadmill could be just the thing to make sure your best friend gets the exercise he needs.


Best Dog Treadmill

Featured Best Dog Treadmill

GoPet Petrun 720

  • Suitable For Most Dog Sizes
  • Remote Controllable
  • Well Constructed And Durable

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Best Treadwheel

Featured Best Dog Treadwheel

GoPet Dog Treadwheel

  • Can Be Used Unsupervised
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Does Not Require Electricity

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Best On A Budget

Featured Most Affordable Treadmill

dogPACER Treadmill

  • Digital Display
  • Fabric Side Rails Work Well
  • Good Constriction For The Money

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Best For Small Dogs

Featured Best Treadmill For Small Dogs

GoPet Petrun 700

  • Low Easy Access Platform
  • Remote Controlled
  • Small Enough To Store Away Easily

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Best Professional

Featured Best Treadmill For Professionals

Dog Runner K9 Racer

  • Large Enough For Any Dog
  • 14mph Top Speed
  • Very Heady Duty, Strong Construction

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Dog treadmills are perfect for these situations, but also for times when the snow is just too deep or it’s too cold to go outside. What about those days when he just refuses to go out in the rain?

Or, perhaps your dog has put on a few extra pounds and you want to give him a bit more exercise than your daily walk allows. Maybe you live in a dense, urban setting with not a lot of green space for your dog to really get the daily run he needs.

Dog treadmills are also great rehabilitation tools for when your canine friend is recovering from an injury or surgery.

With dog treadmills, you can monitor the distance and speed of your dog’s walk all from the comfort of your own home. You can burn off his negative energy and use it as an important part of his training schedule.

But there are so many options out there when it comes to treadmills for dogs, so how to find the best one?

We’ve done a deep dive into the subject area and poured over hundreds of reviews to save you time and money. Give your furry friend the best chance of getting the exercise he needs by making an informed purchase.

Keep reading for the top dog treadmills, plus key info on what to look for before buying, and the benefits a treadmill could bring to you and your dog’s life.

What Makes A Good Dog Treadmill

When thinking about what makes a good dog treadmill, we looked at a number of key factors and important things you should consider, before buying:


When it comes to buying a dog treadmill, you’ll want to carefully consider your “need for speed” before purchasing. This will be dependent on what breed of dog you have and how much exercise he needs.

Larger breeds that are high energy need a treadmill that has a fast maximum speed, to keep them challenged and get their heart rate going. Smaller breeds with shorter legs, injured dogs, or those that are perhaps a bit lower energy, like Bullies, might not take advantage of a treadmill with a high-speed option.

Check out the maximum and minimum speed of the treadmill you are considering and think about how its features will suit your needs.

Weight allowance

Much like with speed, considering your dog treadmill’s weight allowance will depend on the breed of dog you have and their size. Make sure you check the maximum weight capacity of the treadmill you are looking at, before buying.

If your dog is too heavy for the treadmill you are looking at, the machine won’t be able to run efficiently and your pup will likely break it, over time.

Conversely, if your dog is too light for the machine you’ve chosen, it might be too fast for them and they might not be able to get a good grip on the belt, which could cause them to fall off and even injure themselves.


When we talk about size here, we’re not only referring to the size of your dog, but also the physical size of the machine. Firstly, you’ll want to make sure you get the right size of machine for the stride length and height of your dog. If the belt area of the treadmill is too short, he won’t be able to run on it and it will likely cause him to stumble or fall off.

Measure your dog and choose a treadmill that has a belt at least double the length of his body, to make sure he has enough room to walk and run.

You’ll also want to think about where you will store the treadmill when you aren’t using it and make sure it’s the right size for your space. A treadmill that’s too big for your room and doesn’t store easily will just be annoying and get in the way. A dog treadmill that folds up and tucks away is best. Check the product dimensions before making your final decision.


If your pup has put on a few extra pounds and you are looking to buy a dog treadmill specifically for him to lose weight, think about choosing one with an incline. While a flat treadmill is great, an incline will give him that extra bit of workout to burn those calories and he’ll be looking swimsuit ready by spring!

Don’t forget to consider your dog’s size when choosing a treadmill with incline and make sure it’s not too steep for your pup, if he’s a smaller breed.

Product Reviews

#1 GoPet Petrun 720:

Best Dog Treadmill

  • Weight Capacity: <132lbs
  • Speeds: 1 – 8 mph
  • Running Surface (L x W): 70in x 25in
  • Inclinable: Yes
  • Remote Controlled: Yes


  • Adjustable speed option either on the machine or by remote
  • Easy to store with dolly wheels


  • Won’t be suitable for small toy breeds or larger dogs

The GoPet Treadmill is our best overall pick because it is very sturdy, well built, and an easy to use machine that packs all the essential features. It is suitable for most dog sizes and stores easily. If you’re looking for a treadmill for your small to medium dog that is under 132 pounds, this could very well be the one for you.

The GoPet Treadmill has adjustable speeds that can take your pooch from a leisurely stroll to an all-out gallop. You can control the speed either directly on the treadmill with the simple series of buttons, or from the comfort of the sofa with the included remote control.

We especially love this remote option, as it allows you to start out at a light walk and then slowly increase speed as your dog warms up, while not distracting him. Its one-horsepower capacity is more than enough to tire out your small to mid-sized athlete.

The sturdy front cross bar can come in handy, even if just as a spot to hang his favorite toy as an incentive for him to keep going!

Best of all, the GoPet is super easy to store. Just use the dolly-style wheels to stand it up in a corner or in the closet. Overall, this is a great pick for people looking for a simple-to-use treadmill that does exactly what it’s meant to.

#2 GoPet Dog Treadwheel:

Best Wheel Style Dog Treadmill

  • Weight Capacity:
    • Small: <25lbs
    • Large: <150lbs
  • Speeds: NA
  • Running Surface (L x W):
    • Small: 40in x 12in
    • Large: 60in x 20in
  • Inclinable: NA
  • Remote Controlled: NA


  • Doesn’t use electricity, making indoor and outdoor use convenient and free
  • Tension brake allows you to control the speed and keep it safe


  • Not inclinable

And now for something completely different! If you want a simple dog-powered, wheel-type treadmill that doesn’t rely on electricity, the GoPet Treadwheel is an excellent option that you can use anywhere, even outside.

Made from the same great company as our first option on this list, if the GoPet treadmill reminds you of a hamster wheel, that’s because it is almost the same thing. It’s a pretty simple concept, but GoPet has added a few exciting key features to their wheel-style treadmill that sets it apart from a hamster wheel.

To start with, as we mentioned above, this piece of equipment uses no electricity, so you don’t have to have it in a specific place in your house, or next to the outlet, making it completely energy-free and cost effective!

Another great feature is that the wheel offers a tension brake that changes its resistance, allowing you to control the speed and how hard your pup has to work. Not only does this allow you to control how much exercise your dog gets, but it also ensures that it is turning at a safe speed and not going too fast when he really gets going.

We’ve all seen what happens when a hamster gets going too fast on the wheel and spins out of control. Yeah. You do not want that.

GoPet has made sure to think of your pooch’s paws with their padded, durable surface that is easy to clean if you’re using it outside and he’s hopped on with muddy feet. It comes in two sizes to cover a wide range of dogs: one that suits toy dogs up to 25 pounds and one larger wheel that suits dogs up to 150 pounds.

Made in the USA, super quiet, and preassembled, this is the perfect product to help your energetic, young friend burn off that energy, so he doesn’t tear the house apart later.

#3 dogPACER Treadmill:

Best Affordable Dog Treadmill

  • Weight Capacity:
    • Mini: <55lbs
    • Large: <180lbs
  • Speeds:
    • Mini: 0.5 – 7.5 mph
    • Large: 0.5 – 7.5 mph
  • Running Surface (L x W):
    • Mini: 38in x 16in
    • Large: 71in x 16.5in
  • Inclinable: Yes
  • Remote Controlled: No


  • Great value, with many features for a lower price than the competition
  • Wide range of speed options and two sizes makes it suitable for most dogs and their individual needs


  • Some customers report faulty motor issues and issues with customer service
  • Some owners with larger breeds say they wish it could go faster

This is a great product if you’re looking for something that offers great value for money. As our best affordable dog treadmill, the dogPACER treadmill has the same range of features that many of its top competitor’s offer and for a much lower price.

In two size options, the Minipacer and the LF 3.1 can suit a range of size and breeds, so there’s something for pretty much every pooch out there. In fact, the larger LF 3.1 model is suitable for dogs up to 180 pounds!

It has nice safety walls to keep your pup on track and ensure he doesn’t fall off or get distracted and, best of all, you can choose from a range of speeds, from 0.5 to 7.5 MPH, so you can use this for either a nice, leisurely stroll, a full-on run, and everything in between with 0.1 MPH increments. There is even a range of pre-set exercise programs available via the attached computer.

The smaller model has an incline of 4.5 degrees and the larger a range of incline options, from 5 to 9 degrees, so you can ensure your four-legged friend is burning those extra calories, if needed.

The dogPACER treadmill folds up conveniently for storage, so you can easily put it away when you aren’t using it. Customers rave about their dog’s love for this treadmill and canine behaviorists mention how great it is for building mental focus and confidence in their dogs with behavior issues.

If you’re looking for a great product with heaps of positive reviews, but don’t want to break the bank, this could be the treadmill for your dog.

#4 GoPet Petrun 700:

Best For Small Dogs

  • Weight Capacity: <44lbs
  • Speeds: 0 – 8 mph
  • Running Surface (L x W): 28in x 16in
  • Inclinable: No
  • Remote Controlled: Yes


  • Designed specifically for small dogs with a lower platform, so they can easily hop on and off
  • Handy remote makes this product great for pet owners with mobility issues


  • Not suitable for some dogs with longer strides.
  • Machine is a bit heavy, at 63 pounds, but has wheels

We all know how much some small dogs hate going outside if it’s even a little bit wet or cold. If your little princess refuses to even put one foot out on wet grass, the GoPet Petrun Pr700 Dog Treadmill could be what she’s looking for.

Or, if you’re an older dog owner who can’t walk for as long as your hyper little Chihuahua wants, this is a great option to enjoy a fun walk time together in the comfort of your own living room.

The GoPet PR700 is perfect for dogs 44 pounds or less and is very quiet, so you can be close at hand for safety, but still be able to enjoy your favorite TV program while he’s logging his miles.

As well as the on-machine control panel, the GoPet PR700 has a handy remote control feature, so you don’t have to get up every time you want to change speeds or start and stop the machine, making it great for those with mobility issues. It also has a timer option, so you can keep track of your bud’s workout.

With speeds of 0.6 to 8 MPH, you can start slow and, once your dog gets used to the machine, slowly increase the speed in small increments with a touch of the remote.

It has a low running platform, so your wee baby can hop on and off with ease and this is a great feature for dogs with injuries, too. A handy metal eyelet allows for toys to be added to the machine, for an extra incentive and positive reinforcement and the dolly wheels mean the treadmill can be stored and moved easily.

Overall, this is a straightforward, easy-to-use treadmill for those small dog owners that are just looking for a highly-rated treadmill, specifically designed with small dogs in mind. Check it out!

#5 GoPet Petrun 725:

Best For Large Dogs

  • Weight Capacity: <175lbs
  • Speeds: 1 – 10 mph
  • Running Surface (L x W): 71in x 16in
  • Inclinable: Yes
  • Remote Controlled: Yes


  • Convenient remote control
  • Good range of speeds with small increments
  • Side guard rails keep your dog on the right track


  • Machine is heavy at 137 pounds, even with dolly wheels, making it harder to move for older dog owners or people with mobility issues
  • Quite a large piece of equipment. Might not be suitable for small apartments.

If you just can’t keep up with your medium to large breed’s energy level and he needs to burn off some aggression, the GoPet PR725 could be the dog treadmill you are looking for.

From the same leading company as our above model, the GoPet PR725 is the equivalent model for large dogs of 175 pounds and under. With a long belt surface area of 71 inches, this treadmill is a handy exercise option for a range of bigger breeds.

It has all of the great features of its smaller model, so it includes a convenient remote control with small speed increments of 1 to 10 MPH. But, this model also features a fun incline adjustment option, so you can increase the difficulty of your dog’s workout if you’re trying to help him get in better shape or rehabilitate after an injury.

Another nice feature of this model is the safety guard rails, which not only serve to keep him on track and focused, but make sure he stays on the belt and doesn’t hop off. A nice eyelet attachment at the front of the machine lets you hook on a toy for a further incentive.

GoPet offers a one-year warranty with all of their dog treadmills, so you can take comfort in knowing that this product is designed to last and the reviews reflect its claims of quality and value. Dolly wheels make it convenient to move where you need it and store it away when you’re not using it. Overall, a top pick and a popular choice.

#6 Dog Runner Large Treadmill:

Runner Up For Large Dogs

  • Weight Capacity: <242lbs
  • Speeds: 0.62mph – 7.5mph
  • Running Surface (L x W): 55in x 17in
  • Inclinable: Yes
  • Remote Controlled: No


  • Wall panels keep your dog focused and looking straight ahead
  • Digital panel monitors calories, distance, time, and speed


  • Even though it has dolly wheels, it’s a big, heavy piece of equipment that might not be easy to store.

Our runner-up pick for best large dog treadmill is the Dog Runner, perfect for those bigger dogs that have a low attention span or are easily distracted. Unlike the GoPet model above, which has bar-style barriers to keep your dog on track, the Dog Runner Treadmill has fabric walls, so that your pooch can’t see anywhere other than forward, keeping him focused on his task at hand.

The control panel is simple and has buttons for speed and mode and the clear digital readout can measure not only speed and distance, but calories and time, so you’ll be able to know exactly how much exercise your dog is getting.

We especially like the emergency shut off pull mechanism that you can attach to your dog’s leash. This ensures that if they slip off the back, the machine will turn off automatically, avoiding any injury.

The Dog Runner has a wide range of speeds to choose from, from 0.62 to 7.5 MPH, so young or old, your dog can get the walk he needs at the speed he prefers, or a trot or full-on run if he is so inclined.

This treadmill has a nice two-year warranty that sets it apart from many other dog treadmills on the market and this, plus its other great features, makes it a great choice for large dogs that are a bit hesitant to get on board and stay focused.

#7 Dog Runner K9 Racer:

Runner Up Professional

  • Weight Capacity: <330lbs
  • Speeds: 0.5mph – 13.67mph
  • Running Surface (L x W): 80.70 “ x 23.62”
  • Inclinable: Yes
  • Remote Controlled: No


  • All settings fully automatic or motorized, including the incline setting
  • Great for multiple large working breeds in a professional setting


  • Heavy and may be difficult to move for some, even with the wheels
  • Only for professional settings with space

The Dog Runner K9 Racer is our top pick if you’re looking for a professional-grade dog treadmill for extra-large working doggos.

This dog treadmill is no joke and is not only for those who have a propensity for collecting giant dog friends, but for those who make a living with them, whether it’s racing, guarding and protecting, or breeding. Perfect for the kennel club or K9 training center, this machine is sure to stand the test of time and multiple uses throughout the day.

The Dog Runner K9 Racer is a great piece of equipment for enhancing the focus of your large task-focused dog and is said to be very effective at reducing aggression in dogs that have too much negative energy. The sturdy side panels and back gate help this focus further, as the dog has nowhere to go but forward and this keeps him safe, too.

There’s even a crossbar above the belt, so that you can hook on a harness, or you can hook your pup’s leash to the emergency stop pull mechanism, to ensure his safety.

The treadmill not only has a heavy-duty motor that can reach a top speed of 13.67 MPH, but a heavy-duty running belt, as well, so this should be a durable machine with a fair amount of longevity for your business use.

We love that this treadmill has the option for different inclines and changing the incline is automatic and motorized. It can reach an inclination of up to 15%, so it’s nice you don’t have to fuss and fight with a manual heavy machine, trying to get it to the incline you need.

And when we say heavy, we mean heavy – this treadmill is 220 pounds, so you’ll be glad for those dolly wheels at the one end, in case you have to lift it and move it to another area.

All in all, this is a great pick for the working professional with a lot of dogs to train or for the giant breed-obsessed who just needs some extra help at home running their loveable beasts.

#8 GoPet Petrun 730:

Runner Up Professional

  • Weight Capacity: <264lbs
  • Speeds: 1 – 10 mph
  • Running Surface (L x W): 91in x 25in
  • Inclinable: Yes
  • Remote Controlled: No


  • Long and wide belt surface suits a wide variety of big breeds
  • High bar enclosure will keep even the largest of dogs on the belt without falling off the side


  • No remote control

Moving up to our top picks for giant breeds, we have another favorite from GoPet, with the PR730 for dogs 264 pounds or less. If you have a very large dog, like a Dane, Newfoundland, or Mastiff, and you’ve struggled to find a treadmill that suits their size and weight, this could be the one you’re looking for.

This is a high-end, professional-grade dog treadmill that sets itself apart from the previous models on our list, not only in its size but in its durability and heavy-duty construction. It has high sidebars to keep your big dogs on track and this is helped by the metal eyelet on which you can attach your pal’s favorite toy.

Like the other GoPet models, it has a wide range of speeds, from 1 to 10 MPH, so its top speed is also faster than the other models on our list, to suit the stamina of some of these giant breeds. It also allows you to set an incline, if you want your bud to get an extra workout.

This is a big, heavy machine and it weighs 273 pounds, so you probably aren’t going to be moving it around too often. But if you do need to move it, it has handy dolly wheels to help you store it or reposition it into place.

Whether you are a professional giant dog breeder, a K9 dog trainer, or just need some extra exercise for your big dogs at home, this is sure to stand up to their size, with a long, 91-inch running surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t my dog just use my treadmill?

While it might seem like a cost-effective, easy solution, not all dogs will be able to use human treadmills for a few reasons. For small dogs, a human treadmill might start at too quick a speed for their small bodies.
They also might be too high for them to hop up on comfortably and their large size might be intimidating. They won’t have a remote and generally won’t be as safe to use, as you won’t be able to use the emergency stop mechanism in the same way.
Your treadmill might also not be long enough for your dog, depending on their breed and size. Humans, as bipeds, have a fairly short gait compared to large dogs, so keep this in mind before you put your buddy on your treadmill at home.

How do I get my dog on the treadmill for the first time?

Your little guy might be a bit hesitant to try something new and he might even be a bit scared of the treadmill when he first sees it. The key here is to go slow and use lots of rewards, whether they are encouraging words or treats.
Start out by getting him to step on the treadmill, then reward him. Next, let him stand on it for a while without it moving, while he gets lots of encouragement. When you think he’s ready, you can start at the lowest speed for a short period of time while rewarding him.
Do this a few times and, soon enough, you can slowly increase speed. He’ll start to associate the treadmill with reward and fun rather than something to be scared of.

How do I clean my dog treadmill?

Cleaning a dog treadmill is simple. First, use a vacuum cleaner to pick up any hair or debris, not only on the belt part of the machine, but also in the areas where the belt is attached to the machine frame.
Next, use a very mild soap and non-abrasive cloth to wipe off the belt and any other areas with dirt. Dry with a clean towel and you’re ready to go! Never use a harsh cleaner, as this might erode or damage the belt and components.

How long should my dog run on the treadmill?

This depends largely on the size and breed of your dog and how active he is, as well as your reasons for using the machine. If he is a young dog with a lot of energy and some bad behavior issues, you’ll want to run longer than, say, an old Bullmastiff with a hip problem. A general guideline to go by is that if your dog is healthy and active, he should be running on the treadmill between five and 10 minutes a day, to start.
Then, you can increase it as per his needs. You basically want to get him panting at least once a day, to make sure he is getting enough exercise.

How do I know when my dog is tired of running on the treadmill?

Pay attention to your dog to see if he’s tired of running on the treadmill. He might be panting heavily or seem reluctant to continue after taking a break or very thirsty. Never excessively exercise your dog or force him to go on a treadmill if he doesn’t want to. Make sure you never let him get so tired that he stumbles or cries or he’ll never want to go on it again. It should be a fun and rewarding experience for him and it is no substitute for outdoor activity.

Does my dog need to warm up or cool down when using a dog treadmill?

Absolutely! Make sure you don’t just start running your dog right away, once he hops on the treadmill. Just like humans, this is an easy way to get an injury. If your dog is going to run on the treadmill, he needs to warm up first, first by walking, then gradually into a trot before he breaks out into a run.
Conversely, he should slow down to a nice walk before he stops altogether to allow his muscles a chance to recover and his body to cool down. Then, don’t forget, lots of water and a reward!

My dog seems bored with the treadmill, what can I do?

If you’ve been using the treadmill for a while, you might find that your pooch is getting bored with the same old same old. Try mixing up the exercises by doing interval training, change it up from his regular speed, change his usual incline, or add some fun and interesting exercises for him to do, to deviate from the routine.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned above, a dog treadmill is no substitute for outdoor fun. Pups need the stimulation of the outside world in order to be healthy and happy and this includes new and fun routes, obstacles, and other humans and dogs to meet on the way. Just as we thrive in nature, so does our best friend, so keep this in mind if you are resorting to a dog treadmill because you just “don’t feel like” going outside today.

That being said, a dog treadmill is a great substitution for those days when it is too cold, too wet, or if you aren’t mobile enough to get out there for those daily runs. If your dog is recovering from an injury, if you are training him for a specific job, or trying to get him to calm down a bit, they are also a great tool, when used correctly.

With these top recommendations of the best dog treadmills on the market, you should be able to find one that suits your needs and space easily. Reach out and let us know about your dog treadmill success story! We’d love to hear about your experience.

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