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Veterinarians emphasize the importance of brushing our dog’s teeth, but actually doing it can be quite a challenge. The right dog toothbrush, along with patients and persistent training, can result in a pup who loves their daily dental cleaning.


Best Three Sided

Featured Best Three Sided Dog Toothbrush

Pertty Three Sided

  • Easy, Fast & Effective
  • Three Brushes Scrub Front Back And Bottom
  • Comfortable Grip

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Best Finger Brush

Featured Best Dog Finger Toothbrush

Pet Republique Finger Brush

  • Very Easy To Use
  • Gentle And Suitable For Puppies
  • Effective Tartar Control

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Best Chewable

Featured Best Chewable Dog Toothbrush

Bristly Brushing Stick By PetEstate

  • Aids In Teeth Cleaning
  • Very Durable And Non Toxic
  • Center Reservoir For Toothpaste

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Best Handle Toothbrush

Featured Best Handle Dog Toothbrush

Pet Republique Dog Toothbrush Pack

  • Great For Hard To Reach Places
  • Firm Yet Gentle Bristles
  • Very Affordable & Long Lasting

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Best Combo Pack

Featured Best Dog Toothbrush Combo Pack

Mascota Toothbrush Combo Pack

  • Most Versatile Solution
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Made Of High Quality Materials

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Best For Small Dogs/Puppies

Featured Best Toothbrush For Small Dogs

Arm & Hammer Tartar Control

  • Made Specifically With Small Dogs In Mind
  • Bristles Infused With Baking Soda
  • Thick Angled Grip

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There are long toothbrushes that make it easy for you to reach every angle of your dog’s mouth and finger brushes that let you feel the contours of their teeth and gums. Chewable dog brushes let your dog brush their own teeth. All of these options are great tools to help you keep your dog’s pearly whites looking great.

What Type of Dog Toothbrush Should I Get?

There are a variety of dog toothbrushes on the market, which can make it challenging to decide which kind you should use. You may find that having several types of toothbrush on hand is useful for accomplishing your dog’s dental hygiene goals, or you may decide on just one type that works well for you and your dog.

Standard dog toothbrushes

The standard dog toothbrush looks much like a human toothbrush, but with a longer handle and smaller brush. Some standard toothbrushes have brushes at both ends. Some brushes come in different sizes, to accommodate different sized mouths or to clean different parts of the mouth. Other standard toothbrushes are angled and tapered, to make it easier for you to reach into your dog’s mouth.

Finger toothbrushes

Finger brushes are one of the easiest types of dog toothbrush for many people to use. The soft rubber slips over your finger and massages your dog’s gums, as well as scrubs away plaque and tartar with gentle rubber nubs.

With this type of brush, you can feel the contours of your dog’s teeth and gums under your finger, which makes it easier for you to apply the correct pressure and make sure you reach every spot. These brushes reach as far as your finger can, so you can easily get into difficult angles behind your dog’s teeth and at the back of their mouth.

Multiple head toothbrushes

Multiple head brushes are complex contraptions that have several brushes on one head. They are designed to wrap around your dog’s teeth and clean both the back and the front at the same time. This type of brush sounds good in theory, as they allow you to do double the job in half the time. If you are having a very difficult time getting to all of your dog’s teeth in a brushing, this kind of brush might be worth a try. Many people find that these contraptions aren’t very effective in practice, and may put pressure on your dog’s gums in an incorrect way. Be careful that if you use one of these brushes, you are conscious of putting too much pressure on your dog’s gums.

Chew toy toothbrushes

Why brush your dog’s teeth when they can brush their own? Chew toy toothbrushes allow your dog to crunch down on a delicious chew toy that is bristled and contoured to clean their teeth and stimulate their gums.

Generally, toothpaste or another yummy substance, like cheese or peanut butter, is smeared on the bristles and within the toy, to encourage your dog to chew it. Most of these types of toothbrushes are not made to hold up to serious chewing, so they should only be given to your dog for brief periods at a time.

Chew toy toothbrushes cannot reach every part of your dog’s teeth and won’t reach anywhere your dog doesn’t chew, so they are only suitable for use between bushings or for training your dog to brush and are not an overall dental hygiene solution.

Product Reviews

#1 Pet Republique Finger Brush:

Best Finger Brush

  • Sizes of Brush: One size
  • Sizes of Finger:
    • Small: 5/8”
    • Regular: 3/4”
  • Type: Finger toothbrush
  • Color: Blue
  • Comfortable for you: Yes, but slides off small fingers
  • Comfortable for your pet: Very gentle, too big for smaller mouths
  • Number of Brushes Included: Six
  • Durability: Lasts about a month with normal use


  • Well-known standard in dog dental hygiene
  • Extremely gentle and great for the first introduction to dental cleaning
  • Rubber bristles have been tested and optimized for the perfect balance between your dog’s comfort and effective tartar and plaque cleaning
  • Food grade materials that have been approved by the FDA
  • Company donates 15% of profits to the American Animal Rescue Society
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Not effective for brushing teeth for dogs under 20lbs, although it may be good for acclimating them to having their gums rubbed
  • Smallest finger size is still too large for some people

This effective finger brush is a well-known standard in dog dental hygiene. The Pet Republique Dog Toothbrushes are extremely soft with flexible rubber nubs that are gentle on your dog’s gums.

Finger brushes are a great first step for dogs who are not yet accustomed to having their teeth brushed.

The rubber bristles have been tested and optimized to find the perfect balance between comfort for your dog and effective plaque and tartar elimination.

This toothbrush comes in two finger sizes, so you can feel confident of a fit. Six toothbrushes are included in your order, so you get plenty of brushing for the price. You can feel good about using these brushes since they are made from food grade materials and approved by the FDA.

Furthermore, when you buy a product from this company, they donate 15% of their profits to the American Animal Rescue Society. A 60-day money-back guarantee is included, in case you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase.

#2 Bristly Brushing Stick By PetEstate:

Best Chewable Dog Toothbrush

  • Sizes of Brush:
    • Small: 0-25 lbs
    • Large: 25-80 lbs
  • Type: Chew Toothbrush
  • Color:
    • Small: Green
    • Large: Blue
  • Comfortable for you: Very, just add toothpaste and give it to your dog
  • Comfortable for your pet: Very, dogs love chewing it
  • Number of Brushes Included: One
  • Durability: Durable for most chewers, will give into strong chewing


  • Allows your dog to clean their own teeth by chewing
  • Requires only 3 to 5 minutes once or twice a day to make a big difference
  • Natural, durable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly rubber
  • Holdable base, so chewing is comfortable for your dog
  • Center reservoir for toothpaste or smear toothpaste into the bristles


  • Center space on large size is big enough for some dogs to lick the toothpaste out of
  • Powerful chewers can do a lot of damage to this, even within the recommended 3 to 5 minutes

Dogs love to chew, so why force a toothbrush into their mouths when you can let them take care of their own teeth with a toothbrush chew toy? The I-pure items Dog Toothbrush Teeth Cleaning Stick is a great solution for dogs who have not yet learned to accept a toothbrush, for when you don’t have time to brush your dog’s teeth, and between brushings.

The natural rubber is non-toxic and eco-friendly, as well as durable enough to hold up to many teeth cleaning sessions. The base gives your dog a comfortable grip as they chew on the toothbrush portion.

Rigid bristles grind away your dog’s plaque and tartar and stimulate their gums, as they chew. This toothbrush comes in two sizes, to suit any dog’s needs. Toothpaste can be squeezed into the center reservoir and smeared into the bristles, so your dog will stay motivated to chew.

#3 Pet Republique Dog Toothbrush Pack:

Best Handle Toothbrush

  • Sizes of Brush: Small and large
  • Type: Standard toothbrush
  • Color: Black and Yellow
  • Comfortable for you: No grip or padding on handle
  • Comfortable for your pet: Soft bristles and two sizes, for optimal fit
  • Number of Brushes Included: Six
  • Durability: Two months


  • Very affordable for a 6-piece, double-sided set
  • Large and small brushes, so you can reach all parts of your dog’s mouth
  • Long, narrow handle for easy access
  • Bristles have been tested and optimized for the best balance between tartar removal and comfort
  • Comes in two colors, so you can assign brushes to different pets
  • Set will last you a year
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 15% of profits donated to the American Animal Rescue Society


  • Thin, hard handle can be difficult to grip
  • Some people will never use the large side and would prefer to have double-sided small toothbrushes

These dual-headed toothbrushes give you a lot of value for a very reasonable price. One end of the Pet Republique Dog Toothbrush is a large-sized toothbrush and the other is a small brush, so you can easily brush all the different parts of your dog’s mouth.

The 8.5 inch handle is narrow and long enough for you to reach all the difficult parts of your dog’s mouth, even if you have a long-snouted breed. These brushes come in a set of 6, which will last you a year with daily use.

The bristles of this toothbrush have been tested and optimized to remove grime and tartar, while being gentle for your pet. These brushes come in two colors so, if you have more than one pet, you can assign a color to each one.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee gives you confidence in your buying decision. Furthermore, the seller donates 15% of their profits to the American Animal Rescue Society.

#4 Mascota Toothbrush Combo Pack:

Best Finger And Handle Brush Combo

  • Sizes of Brush: One-size finger brushes, plus dual-head standard brushes
  • Type: Finger toothbrush and standard toothbrush
  • Color: Blue
  • Comfortable for you: Single size finger brush doesn’t fit everyone well and the straight standard brush has no padding or grip
  • Comfortable for your pet: Finger brush is too large for some dogs, but is made of soft rubber
  • Number of Brushes Included: 10
  • Durability: Brushes last about a month


  • Extremely affordable pack that comes with standard long-handled brushes and finger brushes
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Satisfaction guaranteed with a full refund
  • Double-sided brushes have brushes of large and small sizes


  • Bristles are quite short and may not be effective in getting between teeth
  • Only one size for the finger scrubbers, so likely to be too big or too small for some people

Do you want to buy everything you need to keep your pup’s teeth in top condition in one convenient package for a great price? This 10-piece set has both finger scrubbers and long-handled brushes, with two sizes, so that you can care for every aspect of your dog’s dental needs.

All of the brushes in the Mascota Pets Dog Toothbrush set are made of high-quality materials and there is a satisfaction guarantee with a full refund if you aren’t happy.

The soft rubber on the finger scrubber is very gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums and the bristles of the standard toothbrush are the optimal hardness to rub away plaque and tartar, while still being comfortable for your dog.

#5 Pertty Three Sided:

Best Three Sided

  • Sizes of Brush: One size
  • Type:  Multiple Head Toothbrush
  • Color: Orange and Blue
  • Comfortable for you: Yes, thick rubber handle so it is easy to grip
  • Comfortable for your pet: too big for smaller dogs, may cause uncomfortable pressure
  • Number of Brushes Included: Two
  • Durability: About two months each


  • Gets the job done in half the time since teeth are brushed front and back at once
  • Three brushes scrub the back of the teeth, the front of the teeth, and the top of the teeth all at once
  • A comfortable rubber handle gives you a great grip on the brush
  • Two for the price
  • In line with your dog’s oral structure


  • Too big for small dog mouths
  • Difficult to apply the correct pressure, so may be more likely to injure your dog’s gums or incorrectly clean the teeth

Sick of struggling to get to every one of your dog’s teeth with a standard dog toothbrush? This three-sided toothbrush scrubs the front, back, and top of your dog’s teeth all at once. With one smooth motion, you can move from the front of your dog’s mouth all the way to the back teeth, scrubbing the whole way.

The toothbrush is designed to be in live with your dog’s oral structure so it will be comfortable and safe to use. A rubber grip gives you a great grasp on the toothbrush so brushing will be comfortable for you as well. The package comes with two toothbrushes, which is a good deal for the price.

#6 Arm & Hammer Tartar Control:

Best For Small Dogs

  • Sizes of Brush: One size
  • Type: Standard toothbrush
  • Color: Orange
  • Comfortable for you: Yes, angled and tapered to make it easy to grip
  • Comfortable for your pet: Soft bristles, but a little big for some small dogs
  • Number of Brushes Included: One
  • Durability: About two months


  • Especially made for small breed dogs
  • Thick grip is angled, to make it easier for you to hold and get into difficult-to-reach places
  • Soft bristle design reaches deep between teeth to clean away debris
  • Bristles infused with Arm & Hammer baking soda, for extra scrubbing and whitening
  • Convenient cover included to protect it from dirt and bacteria


  • Brush is too big for some very small dogs
  • Single brush will only last a couple of months

Arm & Hammer has been a trusted manufacturer of human dental products, as well as many other personal care products, for many years, so it makes sense that they would also deliver a great product for your best friend. The Arm & Hammer Tartar Control Dental Solutions for Dogs is made especially for small breed dogs and has a better grasp and shorter handle than other options on the market.

It is bent and angled to make it easier for you to hold, making it much more comfortable to get into difficult to reach places.

The soft bristles are designed to clean all parts of your dog’s mouth and gums as you scrub, as well as reach deep between their teeth to clean away particles of debris. The bristles of this toothbrush are infused with Arm & Hammer baking soda, to offer extra scrubbing and whitening power, even when your dog licks away the toothpaste.

This toothbrush comes with a convenient cover to protect it from dirt and bacteria when it is not in use.

How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Teeth brushing is unlikely to be the most fun thing that you and your dog do together, but it is important to do it anyway. If you train your dog correctly and go slowly, brushing your dog’s teeth need not be an unpleasant experience for either of you.

Here are some steps to acclimate your dog to the toothbrush and teach them to love oral hygiene.

  1. Find a toothpaste that your dog LOVES. A delicious toothpaste, combined with high-value treats, will motivate your dog to tolerate having things shoved into her mouth. Experiment with toothpaste until you find one that your dog goes crazy over. If your dog isn’t interested in any of the toothpaste you try, train them using something you know your dog likes, like peanut butter or cheese.
  2. Acclimate your dog to the toothpaste. Give your dog the toothpaste at about the same time every day and associate it with a command, like: “time to brush your teeth”, so your dog will get excited about getting the toothpaste each day. Start by simply letting your dog lick the toothpaste off your fingers, then proceed with rubbing it on their teeth. Never force your dog, but simply rub the toothpaste on their teeth when they come to you.
  3. Acclimate your dog to having their mouth manipulated. Once your dog is comfortable with having toothpaste rubbed on their teeth, begin holding their mouth briefly and rubbing it on the inside of their teeth, as well. Again, always wait for your dog to come to you and do not force them.
  4. Introduce the toothbrush. When your dog is comfortable with having their mouth held open and toothpaste rubbed on their teeth for brief periods of time, introduce the toothbrush and allow your dog to lick the toothpaste off of it.
  5. Acclimate your dog to the toothbrush. Begin touching your dog’s teeth with the toothbrush in the same way you did at the beginning with your finger, just briefly and only when they lick at it.
  6. Get your dog accustomed to having their teeth brushed. Progress to holding your dog’s mouth open briefly while you brush the inside of their teeth, as well as the outside. Reward them with treats frequently and apply the toothpaste generously, so that your dog will enjoy the entire experience. This way, your dog will come running every time you tell them it’s time to brush their teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What About Dental Sprays and Treats?

There is a wide range of dog dental sprays and treats on the market that make it easy for you to maintain your dog’s dental hygiene. With these, all that is usually required is that you quickly spray your dog’s mouth with the spray or give them the occasional dental treat, in order to maintain their oral hygiene.

In general, these products won’t hurt them, as long as they are safe and high-quality, but sprays and treats can’t replace the scrubbing motion of a toothbrush. These can be great tools for your overall dental care plan for your dog, but it is important to brush your dog’s teeth, as well.

Sharing Toothbrushes is Gross!

If you have more than one dog, each dog should have their own toothbrush. Your dogs may not mind sharing toothbrushes, but you can transfer disease between them by using the same brush. Give each dog their own toothbrush and never touch the toothpaste container with the toothbrush, to prevent contamination.

Can I Use A Toothbrush Made For People?

Toothbrushes need to be replaced relatively frequently and it may be tempting for you to simply run to your local drugstore to pick up a toothbrush for your dog. Unfortunately, even if you can find the right size for your dog, dogs and people need different things in a toothbrush. Dogs need a much softer brush than even the softest brush made for adults. Baby and children brushes that are rated as soft are appropriate for brushing your dog’s teeth, but they generally aren’t long enough or angled properly to be perfect for your dog’s teeth.

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