Best Dog Sleeping Bags

Dogs love exploring outside with their people, so camping should be a favorite activity for every dog. If your dog spends her night’s shivering, or if your large dog tries to climb into your sleeping bag with you in the middle of the night, camping may not be as much fun for you or your dog as it could be.

A sleeping bag for your dog will keep her snug and warm. Whether your dog has her own tent or sleeps in yours, the right sleeping bag can let her sleep well so she’ll be ready for adventure in the morning. A versatile sleeping bag can also provide a casual resting place for your dog on all of your travels or adventures.

There are a range of sleeping bags to meet your dog’s needs, whether you are camping in freezing temperatures, taking a long day hike, or traveling by car. Dog sleeping bags are made to fit a range of sizes and sleeping styles, so you can find the perfect one for your dog.


Best Sleeping Bag

Highlands By Ruffwear Featured

Highlands By Ruffwear

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Extremely Warm

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Runner Up

Outback Dreamer By Hurtta Featured

Outback Dreamer By Hurtta

  • Warm And Light
  • Machine Washable
  • Available In 3 Sizes

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Best Budget Option

Explorer By Alcott Featured

Explorer For Pets By Alcott

  • Good value For Money
  • Machine Washable
  • Available In 3 Sizes

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Best For Small Dogs

Sleep Zone By Ethical Pet Featured

Sleep Zone By Ethical Pet

  • Bed And Bag In One
  • Faux Suede Fabric
  • Several Colors

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The best sleeping bag for your dog will keep her warm enough but be convenient enough for you or your dog to carry easily. If you do most of your traveling by car and don’t need a highly portable sleeping bag, you can choose a heavier, thicker sleeping bag. Do you want a sleeping bag that can keep your dog snug and warm while you’re outdoors? Weatherproofing might be a consideration for you. We’ve thought of all the uses that you might have for a sleeping bag and compiled a list of sleeping bags for every pup.

Consider these features in your dog’s new sleeping bag:

  • Warmth
  • Versatility
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Durability
  • Weatherproofing
  • Ease of use
  • Portability

We’ve broken sleeping bags into three categories:

  • Versatile day and night hiking sleeping bags: Ideal for tossing down for your dog during hikes or as an overnight sleeping bag in average conditions.
  • Warm and cozy sleeping bags for overnight: Warm enough to keep your pup cozy even in freezing conditions, these bags won’t wrap up as tightly as hiking sleeping bags and they are heavier.
  • Super comfortable travel sleeping bags: These sleeping bags aren’t designed to wrap up tightly for camping or hiking, but they provide your dog with a cozy, comfortable bit of home wherever you go.

Whatever you want to do with your dog, you want her to be comfortable and feel safe and cozy overnight. The right sleeping bag for your dog will make travel fun and easy. Here are some considerations for choosing the right bag.


If you will be spending the night outdoors, it is important that your dog stay snug and warm Short haired dogs and small breeds are especially vulnerable to the cold, so it is essential that you choose a well-insulated sleeping bag for them.


When you are hiking or camping with your dog, or just engaging in fun outdoor activities, it can be helpful to have a versatile sleeping bag that your dog is familiar with. A sleeping bag that can serve as a mat for resting during the day and a cozy sleeping bag at night will be invaluable on the trail.

Ease of Cleaning

If you are camping with your dog, you may not have access to a washing machine or dryer for some time. You want a sleeping bag that will not become waterlogged and will dry easily if it does get wet. A sleeping bag that shakes off hair and dirt is ideal for laying down on the ground during rests on the trail.


Camping can be hard on a sleeping bag. If you will be tightly rolling up your dog’s sleeping bag often, and especially if your dog tends to dig and “nest” heavily, invest in a quality bag with durable materials and compartmentalized stuffing.


If your dog will be lying on her sleeping bag on moist ground during breaks in the hike, or if she will be using the sleeping bag outside in good weather, it is essential that the bag is proofed against wind, rain, and moisture seepage.

Ease of Use

Using a sleeping bag may not come naturally to your dog. If your dog already nestles under blankets or pulls blankets over herself she may take to the sleeping bag right away. Otherwise you may need to train your dog to use an enclosed sleeping bag. Choosing one that tents so your dog can easily climb in will make training easier.


If most of your traveling is done by car you may not be as concerned about a highly portable sleeping bag for your dog. If, however, you want to be able to take the sleeping bag on long hikes or as a carry-on while you travel in a plane, bus, etc. you will want a highly portable sleeping bag that can wrap up tightly into an included carrying case.

Reasons to Get Your Dog a Sleeping Bag

What’s wrong with your dog using your sleeping bag or sleeping on a towel or blanket? Why does she need her own special sleeping bag when you travel? Here are some reasons why you might want to consider a sleeping bag for your traveling canine.


While a clean dog may be a pleasant sleeping companion, if your dog gets into some dirt or collects ticks on the hike, you may not want her cuddled up with you. A sleeping bag for your dog keeps her warm and comfy through the night so she won’t bring her dirt and bugs into your bag.


While a regular blanket may be warm and comfy enough in dry, indoor conditions, a regular blanket will quickly absorb water from the ground or dew from the air, leaving your dog soggy and cold. A dog sleeping bag that is made of a special material to resist moisture will keep your dog cozy even in wet conditions.


A familiar sleeping bag will make your dog feel like she has a home away from home wherever you travel. Dog sleeping bags that are made to deter dirt and hair keep cleaner and more comfortable on the trail than a regular blanket.


A sleeping bag that can roll up tightly for travel in its own designated bag is much easier to handle on the trail than a blanket or mat which may be heavier and take up more room without offering more comfort to your dog.

Best Dog Sleeping Bags

1. Highlands Sleeping Bag By Ruffwear:

Highlands Sleeping Bag By Ruffwear

If you want to go on adventures with your dog no matter how cold it gets, this cozy sleeping bag is a great pick for you. This sleeping bag is insulated to keep your dog warm even in very cold temperatures but packs down tightly enough that you can easily bring it with you in the included stuff sack, even on long hiking trips. Lightweight synthetic insulation keeps your dog warm and protects her from uneven surfaces. A durable polyester shell is resistant to water and dries quickly if it does become damp. The material makes it easy to shake off dirt and hair. If you are camping in very cold temperatures you can use the separately sold Ruffwear Highlands pad for even more warmth.


  • Use spread out as a blanket or as a cozy sleeping bag to surround your dog in warmth
  • Water resistant, quick drying, durable polyester shell
  • Lightweight synthetic insulation is warm and cozy
  • Easy to shake off dirt and hair
  • Comes with stuff sack for easy travel
  • Separately sold Ruffwear Highlands pad for even more warmth
  • 35” x 26”
  • 1” thick


This is a very warm and cozy sleeping bad that fully encloses your dog to keep her comfortable even in very chilly conditions or spreads out like a blanket so that your dog can sprawl out. The durable polyester shell resists water, dries quickly, and is easy to shake hair and dirt off of. Pack the sleeping bag for travel in the included stuff sack.


This bed is on the expensive side and is a bit heavy for most dogs to carry, so if you think your dog might destroy it or it is important to you that your dog carry her own pack, this might not be the one for you.

2. Outback Dreamer By Hurtta:

Outback Dreamer By Hurtta

Here is a sleeping bag that was designed around how your dog actually sleeps. Dogs like to curl up with their tails over their noses when they are cold. This sleeping bag enables that natural sleeping position while still allowing your dog to breath freely, thanks to the round design with a top opening. If your dog would rather not curl up into this bag, it can also be a great mat to lie on top of. The inside of the lining has a heat reflecting foil to warm your dog on even the coldest nights without adding a lot of bulk for you to carry while hiking. The material is breathable and water-repellent and has cozy insulation between the outer layer and the lining. This light sleeping bag is easy to carry in the included travel bag and is machine washable.


  • Round with top opening, designed around how your dog actually sleeps
  • Also works as a comfortable mat to lie on top of
  • Heat reflective foil lining to retain heat without adding more padding
  • Water repellent and breathable
  • Warm insulation between inner and outer layers
  • Lightweight and compactly fits into included travel bag
  • Machine washable
  • Sizes:
    • Small: 22” diameter
    • Medium: 28” diameter
    • Large: 35” diameter


This is a clever bag that keeps your dog warm and cozy while allowing her to sleep in a natural position. A heat reflective foil lining and water repellent outer layer allow for light inner insulation so that this sleeping bag keeps your pup sufficiently warm without being heavy or bulky in the included travel bag. This machine washable bag comes in three sizes.


The biggest dogs may not fit comfortably into even the large size, and unfortunately, there is not an extra large. Some dogs will take some time to learn how to get into the bag by themselves.

3. Explorer Sleeping Bag For Pets By Alcott:

Explorer Sleeping Bag For Pets By Alcott

Do you want a versatile sleeping bag for your dog at a reasonable price? This bag has cozy insulation that is compartmentalized to keep it from shifting around as your dog digs and “nests”. The top is completely removable so that your dog will be comfortable in warm weather as well. The bag rolls up for easy travel and storage and is machine washable so clean up is a breeze.


  • Looks and feels like little a human sleeping bag with compartmentalized synthetic insulation
  • Extremely light sleeping bag won’t add much weight to your pack
  • Removable top for warm weather lounging
  • Machine washable
  • Sizes:
    • Small: 19″ x 23″
    • Medium: 20″ x 27″
    • Large: 24″ x 36″


This is a light, affordable sleeping bag that will keep your pup cozy with compartmentalized synthetic insulation. Your dog can snuggle into the sleeping bag in cold weather or you can remove the top layer for warm weather lounging. The machine washable bag comes in three sizes to fit your pooch perfectly


While this bag is quite light, it doesn’t compress down very tightly, so it may not fit in your or your dog’s backpack easily. It also doesn’t come with its own carry bag.

4. Sleep Zone By Ethical Pet:

Sleep Zone By Ethical Pet

Little dogs often have the hardest time of it when camping, or even on moderately cold days, since their little bodies aren’t as good at retaining heat. If your little dog (under 10 pounds) is missing out on family fun because she is too cold to hang out with you, this great portable little bed may be perfect. This sturdy bed lets your dog curl up wherever you are, safe from the breeze and insulated from the cold ground. It will keep its shape through many rounds of machine washing.


  • Cozy “cave” keeps its shape through many rounds of machine washing
  • Thick insulation will keep your dog very warm
  • Comes in a range of cute colors
  • Attractive faux suede exterior
  • Size: 22” X 17”


If your little dog loves to snuggle down into blankets, especially in the cold, she will love this cozy little cave just for her. The thick, plush bed will keep her warm even in very cold conditions while still allowing her to peek out at you so she feels like she is part of things. The durable fiber and unique filling process keeps the material from shifting or clumping, even after lots of machine washing.


This cozy bed is really not made for backpacking or being rolled up, but it is small enough that you may bring it on your next camping trip anyhow, and it is perfect for car travel.

5. Dog Sleeping Pod By Ozark Trail:

Dog Sleeping Pod By Ozark Trail

Your dog might just like this camping bed better than any bed she has at home. This clever camping bed is composed of a thick, comfy, fully formed rectangular dog bed with a quilted top “cover” that can zip closed to cover your dog’s body or unzip for warm weather so your dog can choose to pull it over her as needed. The lining is both soft and breathable with a durable polyester ripstop shell. The bed rolls up tightly for convenient storage and travel, even on long backpacking trips.


  • Fully formed dog bed will keep your smaller dog as comfortable as at home, if not more comfortable
  • An optional quilted cover can zip full on or be tossed aside for warm weather
  • Soft and breathable lining with durable polyester ripstop shell
  • Rolls up tightly into an included carrying case for long backpacking trips
  • Machine washable
  • Size: 22” X 28”


This bed will keep your smaller dog as warm and cozy on the road or camping as she is at home. Your dog can snuggle into the cozy rectangular dog bed, under the quilted cover in cold weather or without it in warmer weather. The lining is both durable and soft and is protected by a polyester ripstop shell. This bed rolls up very tightly to keep your little dog comfortable even on long backpacking trips.


Dogs that are used to a very formed bed with padding to lean against may not like how soft and collapsible the sides of this travel bed are.

6. Cozy Cuddler By Best Friends Sheri:

Cozy Cuddler By Best Friends Sheri

Does your small or midsize dog deserve to cuddle up in luxury on upholstery-grade corduroy, under her own attached blanket? We think so too. This decadent bed won’t break the bank, but it offers a lot of comfort for your dog. The flexible design lets dogs snuggle deep in or sprawl out. The attached blanket can be curled under or lied on top of, making this a very versatile bed. Padded sides also provide neck support for dogs that like a pillow. The bottom of the bed resists dirt and water and keeps your floor safe as well. This bed is machine washable and dryable and made with pet-friendly fabrics. The company provides a money-back guarantee to set your mind at ease that your dog will love it.


  • Very cozy, thickly padded dog bed with upholstery-grade corduroy
  • Flexible design is good for curling up or sprawling out
  • Cozy attached blanket
  • Bottom resists dirt and water
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Sizes:
    • Small: 24”X 24”
    • Medium: 27” X 27”


If your small or medium sized dog deserves a luxurious bed at home or on the road but you can’t afford to spend too much, this might be the perfect bed for you. This bed is thick and plush with well-padded walls and an attached cozy blanket. The bottom resists water and dirt, keeping the bed and your floors cleaner. Machine wash or dry this bed for quick and easy maintenance.


This isn’t really a travel bed and doesn’t roll up tightly, but your dog might just love it enough that you stuff it in a bag and bring it along.

7. Pocket Bed For Small Dogs By Big Shrimpy:

Pocket Bed For Small Dogs By Big Shrimpy

This is a very versatile bed that is easy to transport and functions as a cozy bag, structured bed, or sleeping mat, all in one. If your dog loves snuggling under covers or climbing into bags, she’ll adore this snuggly pet bag just for her. Roll the sides down and you have a structured bed, or your dog can lie on it like a mat. It is perfect to toss on the bed or couch for your dog, or take anywhere with you. This luxurious bed comes in a range of cute colors to fit your decor. It is machine washable and dryable for your convenience. The cozy barber fleece and faux suede look great and are very warm and comfy for your dog. A two-year warranty is included to set your mind at ease.


  • This versatile bed is a cozy sack, structured bed, or mat for sprawling
  • Comes in a range of colors
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Cozy barber fleece and faux suede
  • Two-year warranty
  • Size:
    • Small: 23” X 23”
    • Medium: 28” X 28”


This is a versatile bed that is perfect for dogs that like to snuggle into covers or bags, sprawl on mats, curl up in structured beds, or all three! This is a high-quality bed with durable and attractive construction that comes in a range of colors. You can machine wash and dry this bed, and it can easily roll up tightly to fit in any bag for travel.


When the sides are rolled down into a structured shape the bottom has no extra padding, so it may not be as comfy in this position as a standard dog bed.

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