Best Dog Pools

Looking for a great way to keep your dog cool this summer? Well, look no more – because we’ve found the perfect solution – a dog pool! These canine swimming pools do so much more than help to regulate Fido’s body temperature – they also make for a great play area, and mix up your training routine too!

We’re going to take an in-depth look at the top 6 dog pools on the market — and provide you with a detailed analysis of each one, with thorough overviews, pros, and cons, and FAQ’s – we’re leaving no stone unturned.


Best Collapsible Dog Pool

Featured Best Collapsible Dog Pool

Outdoor Round Dog Swimming Pool By KOPEKS

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Twist Cap Drain

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Best Inflatable Dog Pool

Featured Best Inflatable Dog Pool

Inflatable Pool For Dogs By Alcott

  • Very Lightweight
  • Shallow
  • Fast Inflation

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Best Solid Plastic Dog Pool

Featured Best Solid Plastic Dog Pool

Paw Shaped Dog Play Pool By One Dog One Bone

  • Chew Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Flexes For Easy Drainage

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Best For Large Dogs

Featured Best Dog Pool For Large Dogs

Mandarin Swim Center By Intex

  • Very Durable 13 Gauge Vinyl
  • Just HUGE: 90" x 58" x 18"
  • Has Drainage Plug

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Dog Pool Best Uses

Best Dog Pool For Multi-dog Household: When looking for a dog pool that will work for a household with more than one dog, you want to make sure that there’s enough room for everyone to have fun – without any fights breaking out, and also that the pool will work for dogs of different sizes.

Best Dog Pool For Getting Exercise: Many dog pools are incredibly shallow or don’t have that much room to move around. If you’re looking for something that will help Fido get his daily exercise in; you’ll want to look for a pool that is deep enough to submerge his body — not his head though! –, and that’s roomy enough for him to splash around or go for a swim.

Best Dog Pool For Small Dogs: Smaller dogs don’t lack in tenacity, but – truth be told, they do lack in leg length! So finding a pool that is safe for your shorties is key. Another option for short pups is purchasing a ramp to go with your pool.

TOP TIP – If you’re going to buy a ramp – make sure that you buy one designed for use with water, as they feature special grip surfaces that work even when wet.

Best Dog Pool For Large Dogs: If the water only just goes past your dog’s paws – he’s not really getting the great benefits that a dog pool has to offer, so opt for a larger and deeper pool – trust us, your dog will thank you.

And is it just me, or has everyone else thought about turning their large dog pool into an outdoor hipster bubble bath for themselves on those warm summer evenings? Just me? OK, moving swiftly on then.

Best Dog Pool For Traveling With: Are you the kind of dog owner that lives for the weekend? Do you love nothing more than packing up the RV on a Friday, ready for a weekend of road trip adventures? Well – don’t forget to pack for Fido! A lightweight, and easy to carry dog pool will really make the trip especially enjoyable for him.

Best Dog Pool For Staying Out Of The Sun: One of the worst things about trying to stay cool outdoors in the summer is that pesky sun, following us everywhere we go. But not with a dog pool with a built-in sun cover! Dogs can overheat easily, so keeping them out of the direct sunlight is super important – but if you’re not blessed with a shaded yard, this could be your second best option.

Solid Vs. Collapsible Vs. Inflatable


Pools made from hard plastic or metal can be especially durable and work really well for large dogs, or those that just don’t know their own strength. However, if you opt for a solid pool, it does mean that you’ll likely need to designate an area of your yard as full-time pool space!


  • Especially Sturdy.
  • Don’t need filling all the way to be stable.
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • Stronger against chewers.


  • Usually much heavier.
  • Don’t always have easy drainage.


Most collapsible pools are made up of semi-hard panels not dissimilar in appearance to the material that a good quality cool-bag is made from. These can be a great option for dogs that suffer from joint problems or pain – as the sides have a lot more give, meaning that they won’t have to step up quite so high.


  • Easy assembly.
  • Strong material stands up to sharp claws well.
  • Often come with a drainage spout.
  • Can be stored easily and in relatively little space.


  • Walls can fold down when not filled entirely.
  • Dogs that chew could tear their way through this if they wanted to.


Inflatable pools are especially lightweight, so can be a choice for a dog owner that plans on taking their pool with them to family picnics, or on RV vacations.


  • Incredibly lightweight.
  • Quick assembly.
  • Folds up to a very small size making it easy to store.
  • Inflated sides provide your dog with something to lean against.


  • Can be punctured relatively easily by dogs that bite.
  • A little harder to clean thoroughly.

TOP TIP – It’s much easier to clean your inflatable pool while it’s fully inflated!

What Makes A Good Dog Pool?

Quality materials: Choosing a dog pool made from high-quality materials isn’t just a bonus – it’s a must. Your dog has sharp claws, sharp teeth, and tonnes of energy – so you need something that will stand up to that without breaking or tearing easily. Materials such as hard plastic, polyethylene, and heavy-duty PVC are just a few of the most popular materials used by dog pool manufacturers thanks to their durability.

Easy assembly: The time it takes to assemble your dog pool depends on the type you choose. A solid pool is fill up and go – but you’ll likely need another set of hands to help, as they can be heavy to move – even when empty.

Collapsible pools can be easy to fill, but be sure to check that all of the sides are upright before you start filling up – as otherwise, you’ll end up with a very wet lawn.

And finally, inflatable – these take a bit of time to inflate and are often too large to do so without a pump, but once they’re fully inflated – they’re pretty stable and tend to be easy for one person to fill.

Fits your dog: Make sure you look at the measurement of any pool before you purchase it, as buying one too big or too small could render it useless. Think about a New Foundland trying to sit in a Chihuahua pool, or the other way around – with a Chihuahua trying to step into a tall sided pool designed for their much leggier cousins!

Looks good: Nobody wants an eyesore right in the middle of their backyard, so if looks are important to you – or any other members of the family, you’ll want to pick a pool that goes with, or compliments your existing garden furniture.

Easy to travel with: For dog owners who are often on the go, buying a pool that you can take with you on trips is a good idea, or if you’re leaving Fido behind – one that you can drop off at the dog sitters.

Don’t only think about weight for ease of transport, but size and shape too, there’s no point in getting a 5lb pool if it’s too wide to fit through your car door!

Drains easily: These doggie pools can hold a lot of water, and you probably don’t want to drain all of that directly onto your lawn — because spoiler alert, you’ll kill or damage the grass! — so it’s best to look for pools with drainage spouts situated on the side, not the middle of the pool.

Multi-dog use: We mentioned picking a size based on your dog, but if you happen to be the lucky owner of a multi-dog household, be sure to size up accordingly.

You don’t want the alpha in the group being the only one to stay cool, and if one of your dogs is especially dominant – your best bet would be buying two pools of the same size to avoid any fights.

Product Reviews

#1 Outdoor Round Dog Swimming Pool By KOPEKS:

Best For Multi-dog Households

  • Sizes Available: Medium, Large, Extra Large
  • Weight: 3.51lbs, 8.8lbs, 12.39lbs
  • Colors: Blue
  • Material: High-grade, industrial strength PVC


  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Fold to a fraction of its assembled size.
  • Reasonably lightweight.
  • Easy twist-cap drain.
  • Optional add-on carry case available.


  • Sides can collapse if not fully filled.
  • Won’t stand up to diggers or chewers.

The outdoor pool from KOPEKS comes in three different sizes, with medium (32” diameter and 8” deep) being a good choice for small to medium dogs – although you might need a ramp for the smaller breeds!

Large (47” diameter and 12” deep) a possible fit for your medium to medium-large dogs.

And extra large (63” diameter and 12” deep) a good choice for those large breeds!

Made from heavy-duty PVC, it’s said to stand up to even the most exuberant of dogs – but we would recommend getting their nails trimmed before you let them loose on this big bucket of fun! There’s nothing like a sharp claw to ruin swim time.

Easy to assemble, even for one person, just unroll and pop up the sides – then it’s time to get filling. But be sure to supervise while filling it up, as the sides can fold down on themselves and cause water to escape when not completely full.

TOP TIP – Remember to place your dog pool somewhere that makes draining the water easy!

This aesthetically pleasing pool will have your dog feeling perfectly pampered on a hot summer’s day, and have your backyard looking like a doggie oasis. Not to mention with a generous depth – your dog will be immersed enough that they can even practice their doggy paddle!

#2 Outdoor Rectangular Dog Swimming Pool By KOPEKS::

Best For Getting Exercise

  • Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large
  • Weight: 5lbs, 8lbs, 11lbs
  • Colors: Blue
  • Material: Heavy-duty PVC


  • Easy to fold up and travel with.
  • A twist-off cap for easy drainage.
  • Lightweight can be moved by one person easily.
  • Stylish Scandinavian-esque design.
  • Small size is perfect for teaching puppies how to swim.


  • Can take a while to fully drain.
  • Sizing can be a touch smaller than described.

This rectangular dog swimming pool could be a nice solution for owners with dogs that need to get more exercise. Do you have a chubby Chihuahua on strict instructions from the veterinarian to get their big belly in check? Well, this could be a great solution!

Not only is swimming great exercise, but most dogs don’t even see it like that – this is playtime through and through. Pick up a few toys – or a vet-approved pack of treats, and together with a helper, you can encourage Senor ChiChi to do some laps!

A lightweight option, the KOPEKS rectangular pool could be a great addition to the dog sitters arsenal. Show up at your next pooch sitting assignment with one of these in tow, and you can almost guarantee that your temporary pooches will adore you from the get-go, not to mention their pet parents!

Choose from three sizes, small (31x20x8.5”) ideal for toy and small breeds, medium (37x24x9”) ideal for – you guessed it… medium doggies, and finally – the large (43x27x12”) which would work better for medium dogs on the larger side.

Owners of large to giant breeds – this might not work for you, it depends on whether your dog just plans on lounging in the pool, or playing in there!

#3 Paw Shaped Dog Play Pool By One Dog One Bone:

Best For Small Dogs

  • Sizes Available: 39 x 38 x 6”
  • Weight: 7lbs
  • Colors: White
  • Material: High Molecular Weight Polyethylene


  • Incredibly sturdy construction.
  • UV Resistant.
  • White color to keep the water as cool as possible.
  • Flexes for easy drainage.
  • Chew resistant.


  • Only suitable for toy and small dog breeds.
  • Doesn’t come with an actual drain.

A good choice for owners of toy breeds and smaller dogs, unfortunately, this cute pool is only available in one size at the moment, sorry all of you medium and large breed people!

An adorably shaped pool, it would look lovely in your backyard, or doggie daycare center – the paw shape also means that there are plenty of nooks and crannies – making finding toys even more entertaining!

Only available in one color, but that’s for a reason! The guys over at One Dog One Bone ran side by side comparisons using the exact same construction, but with one pool being black, and the other being white. The results, a 10 degree lower temperature in the white doggie pool!

Made out of incredibly sturdy materials – the same ones that are used to line truck beds! This bed is chew resistant and UV resistant, meaning that you can leave it out in the sun, and your cheeky pup — even the ones that happen to be going through the teething phase — hopefully shouldn’t be able to inflict too much damage.

With an especially low step up to get into the pool, this could be a nice option for dogs with mobility issues or joint problems. The combination of no pain from getting into the pool and then easing of their pain once in the water will likely mean that your pooch wants to spend all of his time in there!

#4 Inflatable Pool For Dogs By Alcott:

Best For Traveling With

  • Sizes Available: 48” diameter, 16” height
  • Weight: 3.75lbs
  • Colors: Light Blue
  • Material: Thick PVC


  • Edges dip to make it easier for your dog to get in and out.
  • Incredibly lightweight.
  • Easy to flip for drainage.
  • Packs up really small for easy transport.
  • Comes with repair adhesive patches.


  • Definitely not suitable for chewers.
  • Should only be used for dogs with trimmed or naturally dull claws.

This authentically retro inflatable dog pool comes in a vibrant blue color, with a scalloped edge to make it easier for your pup to get in and out. The edging also features a fun pattern detail – which together with the central dog detail on the base of the pool, make this a quirky addition to anyone’s backyard!

Available in one size only, this could be a good choice for a medium-sized dog, a large dog on the small side, or for the owner of a few smaller dogs -but you might need to add a ramp.

With a claw-resistant material, you can let your dog jump in and out without worrying about any tears. As the base is soft, you may find that it’s better at standing the test of time when set up on a soft surface with a bit of give – such as grassy or muddy area, as opposed to a hard surface like a patio.

Another reason to choose to set up on a soft surface is that this decreases your dog’s risk of slipping over when hopping into, or out of the pool.

Inflation of the pool is quick and easy and can be done without a pump if you don’t have one available.

#5 Sun Shade Inflatable Pool By Intex:

Best For Staying Out Of The Sun

  • Sizes Available: 62x62x48” and 12” high sides
  • Weight: 8lbs
  • Colors: Blue and white with an ocean-themed pattern
  • Material: PVC


  • Comes with a sun cover.
  • Adorable design.
  • Made from durable materials.
  • Can remove the top, flip, and use as cover to keep water bug free when not in use.
  • Sun cover can be removed for taller dogs.


  • Can be tricky to inflate.
  • Sun cover leans in windy weather.

Another non-canine specific pool made our list! This adorably designed ocean-themed pool is just screaming “Organize a doggie pool party already!”

This inflatable pool does require a pump to inflate as it’s pretty sizeable and comes with a sun cover which also needs to be inflated. But did you know that the sun cover is attached with velcro and can be popped on or popped off in a jiffy?! Not bad ey.

While it isn’t made specifically for dogs, the material used in construction is often used in adventure sports gear and stands up to a lot being thrown at it – puppies, kids, toys – you name it. And if a little tear should occur, it does come with an easy fix patch!

For owners of multiple small dogs, this could be a great pool for you – or for responsible dog breeders who love to introduce their pups to as many new and exciting worldly experiences as they can, before those fluff balls head off to their furrever home.

#6 Mandarin Swim Center By Intex:

Best For Large Dogs

  • Sizes Available: 90″ x 58″ x 18″ Up to: 137 gallons
  • Weight: 8.7lbs
  • Colors: Orange with white interior
  • Material: 13 gauge vinyl


  • Very durable.
  • Strong side walls.
  • Has drainage plug.
  • Large enough for any dog.


  • Takes up a lot of space.
  • Takes some effort to fill.

You may be familiar with some of the other vinyl products made by Intex, like their inflatable kayaks, made out of the same material. It is extremely durable and puncture resistant, your dog would really need to have it out for the pool to deflate it.

Though as with a few of the other products on this list it was designed to be used with people, we love this pools design even more for large dogs. The thick reinforced sides mean that even heaviest of dogs was to rest on them, it will not let any water out. This is the ultimate water play center for huge breed dogs.

What Are Dog Pools?

Most dogs love the water, whether you take them down to the dog beach, or down to the lake – you’ll see the excitement on their little faces as they run from the car and leap into the water that awaits!

But if you don’t live anywhere near the water, it doesn’t mean that your dog will have to do without – thanks to the invention of dog pools. But what are they? Well, they’re essentially kiddy play pools that have been made stronger for our canine companions!

More than just being about fun and games, getting in the water is a great way for dogs to keep cool in warmer weather. Dogs don’t sweat in the same way that we do – in order to regulate our body temperature, so panting is their go-to for releasing that excess body heat – but it’s just not quite so effective.

Keeping your dog safe from overheating is vital, as it’s so easy for their temperature to shoot up – which can cause serious damage to their internal organs, scary right? But with careful management, dogs living in even the hottest of climes can be kept safe and comfortable with only a little effort, and we all know that they more than deserve that!

BONUS – You can even use your dog pool as an outdoor bathtub and save your carpets from muddy paws after a long hike!

Why You Should Buy A Dog Pool

Keeping Cool

The number one reason for buying a dog pool is to keep your pups cool during the warmer months. But it’s not just for those of you living in the desert of Arizona that needs to think about this. If you live in a state that’s not overly hot but is quite humid; it’s important to remember, it’s easy for us to be comfortable in air-conditioned homes and offices, but your dog should be spending time outdoors — he is a dog after all — so why not make it a nicer experience for him?

Teach Your Dog To Fish

Have you ever stopped to think about the origin of certain breeds? Some of the most popular family pets like the Golden Retriever, Labrador, Beagle, and Springer Spaniel – were bred for their prowess as hunting dogs.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when your fluffball runs after the local squirrel. Having said that – many owners find that channeling their dog’s hunting skills (with decoy toys in the water) allows them to train their dog to “hunt” only when told, and stops them from running off after their local fluffier friends.

Doubles Up As An Outdoor Bath

We’ve all arrived home from an especially long hike covered in mud, and while we can take off those filthy boots at the door – your dog can’t. Having a dog pool to use as an outdoor bath area to rinse off the mud is a lifesaver, or should I say carper saver!

Eases Discomfort for Dogs With Joint Problems

Aqua or hydrotherapy is being prescribed more and more to dogs with joint problems or for those going through rehabilitation after an injury. And the reason that it works so well is that exercising in a pool takes the pressure off of your dog’s joints – while building up strength and muscle.

Mix Up Your Training Program

Training your dog doesn’t start and end when they’re a puppy. In fact, the best dog trainers recommend that you spend some time each day training your four-legged friends. But I’m not talking about sit, stay, and high five every single day – you should mix it up to keep them engaged, and one ingenious way to do this is training in the pool! If your dog loves water, he’ll love this!

Great Exercise

Keeping Fido fit doesn’t have to mean long walks, and games of frisbee every single day – the dog pool is great as it encourages your pup to exercise himself. Just the act of jumping in, splashing around, and jumping out again really does a good job of tiring them out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy pool accessories?

That’s entirely up to you. Some of the more common pool accessories like a ramp can be a great addition, especially if you have a shorter dog or one with mobility issues.
When it comes to toys, you need to be wary of a couple of things; firstly, you should never leave your dog unsupervised with a toy. Secondly, playing with toys in water increase your dog’s risk of ingesting excess water — this occurs when he bites at the water to pick the toy up –, it doesn’t sound like a big deal but can cause a serious condition known as Water Intoxication which can lead to coma and even death.

Can I keep my pool in direct sunlight?

You could do, but depending on the material that the pool is made from – you will likely see signs of UV damage, not to mention – the main point of having a pool is to keep your dog cool, not right under the suns burning rays!

How often do I need to clean the pool?

It depends on how quickly the water becomes dirty. With long-haired dogs that like to soak their mud-covered paws in their pool – you should realistically empty the pool of water after each day of use, and scrub clean with a disinfectant at least once per week.
For shorter-haired dogs and those that don’t get quite so filthy, you could empty every other day, and also scrub clean with a disinfectant every week. Remember, it’s not just the dirt that you can see which can be dangerous to your dog; the bacteria, parasites, and algae that are common to dog pools can all be harmful to your dog’s health.
Some dog owners do use a tiny — I’m talking really tiny — drop of chlorine to help to keep these nasty things at bay, but it’s important to consider whether your dog likes to drink the water, or if he has any sensitivities. Always consult your veterinarian before making this decision.

How do I convince my dog to get into the pool?

Some dogs leap right into the water and others are more cautious – building up your dog’s confidence slowly is key.
Start by introducing your dog to the pool while empty, and feed him some treats – or even his meals in there to let him know that this is a safe space. You can then add a very small amount of warm water (just enough to wet his toes), and reward him for being in there.
Increase the amount of water in there bit by bit, remembering to go at your dog’s pace!

Can My Kids Play In The Same Pool?

It’s never a good idea to let your kids and dogs play in the same pool, not only because of the bacteria and dog hair that will be floating around – but because it’s very easy for one of them to get hurt.
Having separate pools for kids and dogs is your best option, and it’s not too hard to train your dog that one pool is his, and one is off limits. Just remember to set the same strict rules for the kids!

Final Thoughts

Having a dog pool isn’t just fun for the canine members of the family, but for everyone. Watching your dogs play in their pool and throwing toys for them can be a fun family activity. And hey, why not get out the grill and make the most of your family fun in the sun?!

Taking your time to consider what will work best for your dogs before buying a pool will mean that you’re investing your money in hours of fun, and not buying something that will be useless after a few play sessions.

We hope that this guide helped you pick the right dog pool for you. We put countless hours into the research, testing, and curating of this doggie pool product guide, in the hopes that we can help dog owners and their dogs around the world live their best splish splashing lives!

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