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Whether your dog is aggressive towards other dogs or people, eats things they shouldn’t during walks, or you live somewhere with breed legislation, you may come upon a time when you need a muzzle for your dog. Naturally, you’ll want a muzzle that is effective, secure, and comfortable.

Depending on your situation, you may also want a muzzle that is discrete, doubles as a head halter, or is made especially for your dog’s breed. Here’s how to find the best dog muzzle for every dog and situation.



Featured Best Dog Muzzle

Dog Muzzles Suit By CooZero

  • Adjustable Strap And Easy Buckle
  • 7 Sizes
  • Fully Waterproof

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Runner Up

Featured Runner Up Dog Muzzle

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle By Company Of Animals

  • Very Secure
  • Very Comfortable
  • Allows For Normal Breathing, Panting, Drinking

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Best Combined Head Halter And Muzzle

Featured Best Combined Head Halter and Muzzle

Nylon Dog Muzzle By Lepark

  • Head Halter Type Design
  • Very Discrete
  • Comfortable Soft Cotton Lining

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Best For Short Faced Breeds

Featured Best For Short Snouted Breeds

Short Snout Dog Muzzle By Canine Friendly

  • Breathable Mesh
  • Soft Bumpers Stop Rubbing
  • Highly Adjustable With Quick Release

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Best Leather

Featured Best Leather Dog Muzzle

Leather Dog Muzzle By CollarDirect

  • 100% Natural Leather
  • Sized By Breed And Face Type
  • Adjustable Neck And Head Strap

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Best For Long Snouted Breeds

Featured Best For Long Snouted Breeds

Leather Dog Muzzle By Barkless

  • Holes Throughout For Breathability
  • Snout And Neck Adjustments
  • Very Subtle Leather Muzzle

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Best Wire Basket Muzzle

Featured Best Wire Basket Muzzle

Wire Basket Muzzle By BronzeDog

  • Extremely Sturdy And Durable
  • Airy Open Design
  • Customized By Breed And Snout Type

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Types of Muzzles for Dogs

  • Basket muzzles fit over your dog’s snout like a basket and are held to their face with a strap around their neck and, usually, from their nose to the back of their head, as well. In general, they allow your dog to move their mouth in a very natural way, while being extremely secure against bites. They generally are difficult for dogs to get off.
  • Soft muzzles have adjustable snout straps, as well as an adjustable strap behind the neck. They may also double as a walking head halter. These muzzles usually allow your dog to open their mouth a small amount to drink, take treats, and lick, but they may also allow for a nip.
  • Slip muzzles go over your dog’s snout and buckle behind their head. These are the kinds of muzzles typically seen at veterinarians and groomers. They keep your dog from opening their mouth, but still allow them to lick and take treats. These muzzles may still allow your dog to nip with the front of their teeth and many dogs can get them off by pulling them over their heads.
  • Homemade muzzles can be made in a tough situation by wrapping something around a dog’s muzzle, like sports tape, pantyhose, or a leash. A homemade muzzle should be secure enough that the dog can’t open their mouth, but not so tight that they can’t stick out their tongue to breathe. Be careful that the material does not cover their nose.

Measuring Your Dog for a Muzzle

How you measure your dog for a muzzle depends on what kind of muzzle you’re going to get. Each muzzle gives clear instructions about how to properly measure your dog. Some muzzles require measurements around their snout and neck, while others need measurements from the tip of their nose to the base of their snout. Whatever kind of measurement you are taking, use a soft ruler.

How Long Should Your Dog Wear A Muzzle?

How long a particular dog can wear a particular muzzle varies greatly. Some muzzles are designed for all-day wear, for working dogs or dogs that must be muzzled for breed legislation. Other muzzles are designed only for a walk.

Still, others are appropriate for several hours of wear, but not for an entire day. As a rule, your dog should wear a muzzle as little as possible and have a break every few hours. Monitor your dog carefully while they are wearing a muzzle, especially at the beginning, for any indications of stress.

Product Reviews

#1 Dog Muzzles Suit By CooZero:

Best For Groomer, Kennel, or Rescue

  • Sizes:
    • 1: Around snout: 5.1”; around neck: 7”
    • 2: Around snout: 5.9”; around neck: 8.26”
    • 3: Around snout: 6.49”; around neck: 8.66”
    • 4: Around snout: 7”; around neck: 9.44”
    • 5: Around snout: 7.67”; around neck: 10.23”
    • 6: Around snout: 8.46”; around neck: 11”
    • 7: Around snout: 9”; around neck:11.81”
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Oxford fabric
  • Freedom of Movement: Drinking, limited panting, eating
  • Fits face types: Long (Greyhound, Shepherd); Wide (Pitbull, Mastiff)
  • Prevent biting: Mostly
  • Visibility for dog: Complete
  • Appearance: Utilitarian
  • Adjustability: Adjustable strap
  • Comfort: Soft cloth, no additional padding
  • Security: Dog can get it off off-leash
  • Head halter: No


  • Affordable package with seven different sizes of muzzles
  • Each size has an adjustable strap and easy close and open buckle
  • Waterproof Oxford fabric is resistant to wear and dirt and easy to clean
  • 100% money-back and lifetime guarantee


  • Won’t fit very short-faced dogs and may be easy for dogs with shorter snouts to pull off
  • This muzzle is quite restrictive, preventing your dog from not only biting, but also from eating or panting freely

If you have a variety of dogs who may need a muzzle, such as in the situation of a dog kennel, grooming facility, rescue shelter, or veterinarian, the CooZero Dog Muzzle may be the perfect muzzle for you.

At a reasonable price, for seven separate pieces, it is also a great pick for an emergency muzzle kit, in case you should find an injured dog.

Each of the seven sizes has an adjustable strap, to make sure it fits your dog perfectly. The easy-to-snap buckle makes it simple to put on and take off. The durable Oxford fabric is waterproof, resistant to wear and dirt, and can easily be cleaned. This material is light and breathable for your dog’s comfort.

You can feel confident about your purchase, thanks to the 100% money back, lifetime guarantee.

#2 Baskerville Ultra Muzzle By Company Of Animals:

Best For Most Dogs and Everyday Wear

  • Sizes:
    • 1: Around snout: 8.5”; length of nose: 2.5”
    • 2: Around snout: 10.5”; length of nose: 3”
    • 3: Around snout: 11”; length of nose: 3”
    • 4: Around snout: 12”; length of nose: 3.5”
    • 5: Around snout: 13.5”; length of nose: 4.5”
    • 6: Around snout: 16”; length of nose: 5”
    • (for all sizes, provide an extra ½” around the snout, for comfort)
  • Color: Tan, Black
  • Material: Malleable thermal plastic rubber
  • Freedom of Movement: Breathing, eating, drinking, panting, exercising
  • Fits face types: Long (Greyhound, Shepherd); Wide (Pitbull, Mastiff); Short (Bulldog, Pug)
  • Prevent biting: Completely
  • Visibility for dog: Complete
  • Appearance: Utilitarian
  • Adjustability: Adjustable buckle neck piece, adjustable optional head strap. Soften plastic in warm water, reshape, and cool in cold water to customize shape
  • Comfort: Customizable shape and plastic provide good comfort
  • Security: Dogs usually can’t get it off, even when off leash when the collar is attached and using the optional head strap
  • Head halter: No


  • Allows for normal breathing, panting, eating, and drinking
  • Good for exercise and everyday wear
  • Comfortable, especially thanks to the thermoplastic rubber, which can be customized to your dog’s face shape
  • Neoprene padding to make it comfortable
  • Extra security provided with the optional overhead strap and collar attachment loop


  • Collar loop is too small for wide collars to fit through
  • Fighting dogs can still bite each other through it, although the damage will be much less and the fight easier to break up

The Baskerville Ultra Basket Muzzle is an extremely popular everyday muzzle and an ideal muzzle for daily wear and exercise. The soft and lightweight material is gentle on your dog’s face, while still providing thorough protection. Ergonomically designed strapping makes sure that the muzzle stays in place.

An attachment loop for your dog’s collar, as well as a removable over-the-head safety strap, can give you a lot of confidence that the muzzle will stay in place. It is padded with neoprene to keep it comfortable and the thermal plastic rubber can be heated and shaped, to provide a personalized tailored fit around your dog’s snout.

This unique feature makes it an ideal muzzle for all types of dogs, including dogs with broad faces, like Bulldogs and Boxers. If you need an everyday muzzle, this might be the perfect fit.

#3 Nylon Dog Muzzle By Lepark:

Best Combined Head Halter and Muzzle

  • Sizes:
    • Small: Around snout: 4.7-9.8”; around neck: 4.3-11.4”
    • Medium: Around snout: 6-11”; around neck: 5-13”
    • Large: Around snout: 7-11.8”; around neck: 6.3-14”
    • X-Large: Around snout: 9-13.4”; around neck: 8-18”
    • XX-Large: Around snout: 11-15”; around neck: 9-22”
    • XXX-Large: Around snout: 12-17”; around neck: 12-26”
  • Color: Blue, Red, Black
  • Material: Nylon
  • Freedom of Movement: Breathing, eating, drinking, panting
  • Fits face types: Long (Greyhound, Shepherd)
  • Prevent biting: Mostly
  • Visibility for dog: Complete
  • Appearance: Subtle, stylish, doesn’t look like a muzzle
  • Adjustability: Adjustable neck strap and optional head strap
  • Comfort: Soft, padded nose strap
  • Security: Dog may get it off off-leash, especially without optional head strap
  • Head halter: Walking aid with under the chin lead


  • Lets you walk your dog safely with a head halter-type design, as well as being a muzzle
  • Discrete design does not look much like a muzzle
  • Soft cotton lining for your dog’s comfort and sturdy nylon material for durability
  • Let’s your dog pant and drink normally, when adjusted properly
  • Comes in a range of attractive colors


  • Many dogs can pull it off when they aren’t wearing a leash
  • Dogs can still nip with their front teeth

Do you need to take control of your dog on your walk? The versatile Lepark Nylon Dog Muzzle doubles as a head halter, so that you can walk your dog safely, preventing pulling, aggressive barking, and fighting.

A sturdy D-ring fits under the bottom of the muzzle, so that you can clip your leash to it to guide your dog. You can also attach your leash to a collar for added security and in case your dog pulls a lot and you don’t want to put too much pressure on the bridge of their nose.

The subtle design and attractive colors are discreet, so people may not even realize your dog is wearing a muzzle, mistaking it for a standard training head halter, like a Halti or a Gentle Leader. Since anxious dogs can be made more likely to bite when people are scared of them, a muzzle that looks discreet can make a big difference in their training process.

The soft cotton lining prevents your dog’s nose from being rubbed and chaffed, while the sturdy nylon material holds up to wear through the years. When properly adjusted, your dog will be able to pant and drink normally, making this a great head halter and muzzle for daily walks.

Newer models of this muzzle include a head strap, to prevent dogs from pulling the head halter off. You can choose between either type. If you choose the type with the head strap and find that your dog does not attempt to get the halter off, you can cut off the head strap.

#4 Short Snout Dog Muzzle By Canine Friendly:

Best For Short Faced Breeds

  • Sizes and Head Circumference
    • Small: 9 – 12”
    • Medium: 11 – 17”
    • Large: 15 – 25”
    • X-Large: 18 – 25”
  • Color: Charcoal or Orange
  • Material: Nylon and mesh
  • Freedom of Movement: Breathing, panting
  • Fits face types: Short (Bulldog, Pug)
  • Prevent biting: Completely
  • Visibility for dog: Partial visibility through mesh
  • Appearance: Intimidating
  • Adjustability: Adjustable around the neck and over the head
  • Comfort: Comfortable for most short-faced dogs, as long as it is taken off so they can drink regularly
  • Security: Some dogs can get it off off-leash
  • Head halter: No


  • Designed for short-snouted breeds, to provide protection without impairing breathing
  • Mesh design protects without impairing breathing
  • Soft bumpers to keep it from rubbing your dog’s face
  • Breathable mesh, so that your dog breathes freely
  • Very adjustable with a quick release button for easy on and off


  • Some dogs can get it off, if allowed to
  • Dogs may rip the mesh trying to get it off

Short-snouted dogs can be hard to fit with a muzzle. Since many of these dogs already struggle to breed, putting any more pressure on the bridge of their nose can be very dangerous. The clever Canine Friendly Short Snout Dog Muzzle solves the problem.

The mesh faceplate is breathable and cool, so your dog is comfortable. Durable nylon stands up to a lot of wear and tear.

Soft bumpers prevent the borders of the muzzle from rubbing on your dog’s face or the screen from rubbing on their eyes. This muzzle is completely adjustable with a quick-release button, to make it easy to put on and take off. The durable nylon and mesh are both easy to clean.

#5 Leather Dog Muzzle By CollarDirect:

Best For Complete Bite Protection

  • Muzzles by Breed and Size
    • Pitbull/Staffordshire Terrier: Snout Circumference: 14”; Snout Length: 3”
    • German Shepherd/Doberman (Large): Snout Circumference: 13”; Snout Length: 4”
    • German Shepherd/Doberman/Dalmatian (Medium): Snout Circumference: 11”; Snout Length: 4”
    • Rottweiler/Bullmastiff: Snout Circumference: 16”; Snout Length: 4”
    • Boxer/English Bulldog: Snout Circumference: 13”; Snout Length: 3”
  • Color: Options vary by type
  • Material: Leather
  • Freedom of Movement: Breathing
  • Fits face types: Short (Bulldog, Pug); Long (Greyhound, Shepherd); Wide (Pitbull, Mastiff)
  • Prevent biting: Completely
  • Visibility for dog: Complete visibility
  • Appearance: Intimidating
  • Adjustability: Adjustable around the neck and over the head
  • Comfort: Doesn’t allow panting or drinking, so not good for long-term wear
  • Security: Most dogs can’t get it off on or off leash
  • Head halter: No


  • Tightly woven leather prevents biting through the muzzle
  • Natural 100% leather is stylish
  • Made by breed and face type, so you can be confident that it will fit your dog properly
  • Adjustable neck and head strap


  • Dogs may not be able to pant properly while wearing it
  • Inside rivets get rusty if they get wet repeatedly

For the style-conscious owner and pup, the CollarDirect Dog Muzzle looks good and is effective and comfortable. This company makes muzzles for specific breeds. There is one for Pitbulls and Staffordshire Terriers, one for Bullmastiffs and Rottweilers, another for German Shepherds or Dalmatians, and still another for Boxers or English Bulldogs.

By choosing precisely the right muzzle for your dog’s breed, you can feel confident that the fit will be just right. Furthermore, the head strap and collar strap are fully adjustable.

The genuine leather is soft and comfortable, as well as durable through the years. This effective muzzle won’t allow your dog to bite through it, no matter how hard they try. Unlike muzzles that wrap around the snout, allowing the tip of the mouth to open, or basket muzzles, which may provide too much space, so that dogs can bite through the muzzle, this leather muzzle is tightly woven, to prevent your dog from biting.

#6 Leather Dog Muzzle By Barkless:

Best For Long Snouted Breeds

  • Sizes
    • Small: Around snout: 7-8.7”; around neck: 8-13”
    • Medium: Around snout: 9-10.6”; around neck: 11-16”
    • Large: Around snout: 11-13”; around neck: 13-18”
    • X-Large: Around snout: 12.6-15.7”; around neck: 15-22”
  • Color: Natural leather
  • Material: Leather
  • Freedom of Movement: Breathing, panting, drinking
  • Fits face types: Long (Greyhound, Shepherd)
  • Prevent biting: Mostly, but dog can still nip with front teeth
  • Visibility for dog: Complete visibility
  • Appearance: Stylish, relatively subtle
  • Adjustability: Adjustable around the neck and around the snout
  • Comfort: Soft leather, adjustable, and allows for panting and drinking
  • Security: Most dogs can’t get it off, on or off leash
  • Head halter: No


  • Attractive, subtle leather muzzle
  • Adjustable around the snout, as well as around the neck
  • Customize size further by punching new holes yourself in the leather
  • Shape of the facepiece prevents the muzzle from rubbing your dog’s eyes
  • Holes throughout, for breathability


  • The shape of some dogs faces causes the leather to rub on their forehead
  • If dogs manage to get it off, they can damage it quickly

Here is an attractive leather muzzle that prevents bites, but allows your dog to drink and pant normally. The quality leather on the Barkless Dog Muzzle is soft and lightweight, as well as durable through the years.

This muzzle is fully adjustable, not only around the neck, but also under the snout, allowing for a customized fit.

A loop attaches through your dog’s collar, to help this muzzle stay in place. If you need the muzzle to be a little tighter, you can punch a new hole yourself with a sharp blade. Air holes throughout the surface of the muzzle allow for breathability, so that your dog’s nose doesn’t get too hot. The muzzle slopes up between your dog’s eyes, to keep it from covering the eyes.

#7 Wire Basket Muzzle By BronzeDog:

Best Wire Basket Muzzle

  • Muzzles by Breed and Size
    • Pitbull/Staffordshire Terrier: Snout Circumference: 12”; Snout Length: 3.5”
    • Doberman: Snout Circumference: 10.5”; Snout Length: 3.5”
    • Great Dane: Snout Circumference: 17.5”; Snout Length: 4.5”
    • German Shepherd: Snout Circumference: 13”; Snout Length: 4”
    • Rottweiler: Snout Circumference: 13.5”; Snout Length: 3 ⅛”
    • Greyhound: Snout Circumference: 10”; Snout Length: 5”
    • Jack Russell: Snout Circumference: 6.5”; Snout Length: 1-9/16”
    • Small Dog: Snout Circumference: 8.5”; Snout Length: 2.5”
  • Color: Black and Silver
  • Material: Leather and metal
  • Freedom of Movement: Breathing, panting, drinking, eating treats
  • Fits face types: Short (Bulldog, Pug); Long (Greyhound, Shepherd); Wide (Pitbull, Mastiff)
  • Prevent biting: Completely
  • Visibility for dog: Complete visibility
  • Appearance: Intimidating
  • Adjustability: Adjustable around the neck and over the head
  • Comfort: Good ventilation and freedom
  • Security: Most dogs can’t get it off on or off leash
  • Head halter: No


  • Extremely sturdy, durable metal and leather construction
  • Airy, open design allows for excellent ventilation
  • Allows your dog to drink, pant, and lick their nose normally
  • Heavily padded over the bridge of the nose
  • Customized by breed and snout
  • Stays on, even when dogs try to get it off
  • Sizes for small dogs, as well


  • Looks quite intimidating
  • It extends past the front of the dog’s mouth, so it can be difficult to get treats through

The BronzeDog Pitbull Dog Muzzle is designed to provide complete protection, while also being comfortable enough for all-day wear, even in the heat, thanks to the excellent ventilation.

This durable and attractive muzzle is made of lightweight steel and genuine leather. Soft padding is provided over the snout, for your dog’s comfort.

Your dog will be able to pant and lick their nose normally when wearing this muzzle, as well as drink and take treats when they are pushed through the bars. The open design allows your dog to sniff normally and express facial expressions to other dogs, without being able to bite.

The company makes a variety of these attractive muzzles to fit dogs of different snout types.

#8 Gentle Muzzle By GoodBoy:

Best For Gentle and Subtle Bite Protection

  • Sizes
    • Small: Around snout: 7-9”; around neck: 10-15”
    • Medium: Around snout: 9-12”; around neck:12-18”
    • Large: Around snout: 11-15”; around neck: 13-21”
    • X-Large: Around snout: 13-17”; around neck: 16-26”
  • Color: Pink or Blue
  • Material: Nylon
  • Freedom of Movement: Breathing, panting, drinking, eating treats
  • Fits face types: Short (Bulldog, Pug), Long (Greyhound, Shepherd), Wide (Pitbull, Mastiff)
  • Prevent biting: Dogs can still bite with front teeth
  • Visibility for dog: Complete visibility
  • Appearance: Subtle, Attractive
  • Adjustability: Adjustable around the neck and over the head
  • Comfort: Great padding, very comfortable
  • Security: Most dogs can’t get it off, on or off leash
  • Head halter: No


  • Works with a wide range of different types and sizes of dogs
  • Attractive and discreet
  • Lets your dog pant, drink, and even eat normally
  • Both the snout portion and the collar portion are highly adjustable
  • Velcro secures the snout portion, for a smooth look
  • Collar connection strap is included, so that the muzzle won’t come off


  • Dogs can still bite with their front teeth
  • Some dogs are able to get it off quickly

The GoodBoy Gentle Muzzle is an attractive, comfortable muzzle that can keep your dog from biting, but allows them to perform all of their normal activities, like panting and drinking.

Thick neoprene padding keeps your dog comfortable and prevents chafing. The snout and neck portion are highly adjustable, so your dog will have the perfect fit. A collar connection strap is included, to keep the muzzle firmly on your dog.

The high-quality buckles won’t loosen over time, so your dog will always have a tight fit. The extra strap on the snout piece is secured with velcro, for a smooth look. A training guide is included, to make sure that you acclimate your dog to the muzzle properly.

Why Would You Need a Dog Muzzle?

It can be frightening to see a dog wearing a muzzle but, in fact, there are many reasons why someone may choose to muzzle their dog. Muzzling your dog is a responsible decision that can protect yourself, your dog, and others.

Here are some of the reasons why a dog may need to wear a muzzle.

  • To lessen the risk of biting. The most obvious reason to use a muzzle is fear that your dog may bite. Whether you are worried about your dog biting a person, another dog, a family pet, or livestock, a muzzle is an excellent way to work with your dog while preventing a bite. There’s no reason to wait until there’s been a problem to muzzle train your dog. Muzzles can mitigate the risk of biting in any new interaction your dog finds themselves in.
  • To help in an emergency. If your dog is in pain because of an injury or sudden illness, they may snap at you when you try to move them. A muzzle can help you safely deal with your dog, or any other dog that you find that needs help.
  • For the groomer. Whether your dog has actually bitten anyone or not, your groomer may not feel comfortable working on your dog without a muzzle if they are stiff or growling. Muzzle training your dog may be necessary in order for them to go to the groomer.
  • For breed specific legislation. Many cities restrict the types of breeds that are allowed and certain breeds are required to wear a muzzle and meet other restrictions when out in public. If you want one of these breeds in one of these cities, you will need to train them to wear a muzzle.
  • For trips to the vet. Many dogs don’t like going to the vet and vets don’t appreciate risking their limbs to treat your dog. If your dog growls at the vet or if you have a large breed dog and want to be prepared, muzzle training is a good idea.
  • To stop inappropriate eating. Dogs eat all kinds of things that they shouldn’t. Sometimes what they pick up is innocuous, but other times it can be very dangerous. A muzzle can stop your dog from eating things that they shouldn’t while you are on a walk.

Use With Caution to Solve These Problems

Apart from the usual uses for muzzles we’ve listed above, some people have found success using them to help with a range of other problems. Using the right muzzle for the right issue can make training easier for both people and dogs.

That said, caution should be used when using muzzles to control the following problems.


Muzzles can be effective against barking because they restrict your dog from opening their mouth and vocalizing fully. More importantly, they provide a distinct sensation when your dog barks that can help them realize they are barking. It can be difficult for chronic barkers to recognize the behavior you are trying to correct and a muzzle can help.

It is essential that you correct your dog when they bark and reward them when they stop. It is especially important that you reward your dog when they resist barking during a situation or stimulus that would normally prompt them to bark.

Muzzles should never be left on to control barking when you aren’t there. They are effective as a reminder to your dog that they are barking, but will lose effectiveness without you to reward appropriate behavior.


Muzzles can prevent your dog from putting their mouth around things, which can stop destructive chewing. If your dog has serious issues with crate anxiety and is destructive when you leave them alone, a muzzle can help.

The muzzle you choose should provide enough freedom for your dog to open their mouth and bark, pant, drink, and breathe naturally.

Chew toys and food distributing toys are very effective for eliminating chewing and anxiety when you are gone, but cannot be utilized when using a muzzle. Try using these kinds of toys before resorting to muzzle training.

Household aggression

Aggression between your dogs in a multiple dog household, your dog and people, or your dog and other pets in the household can be extremely traumatizing and dangerous. When such behavior develops spontaneously, it can be heartbreaking.

Muzzles prevent injury during training. Furthermore, they allow you to see what might be triggering the aggression and learn the indications that your dog is about to behave aggressively.

Care must be used so that muzzles are not simply preventing the aggression, but are actively being used to train and change the behavior. Dogs that are allowed to continue to fight or snap at people while wearing muzzles will only become more aggressive in their frustration.

Self-destructive behavior

Dogs that chronically lick or chew themselves for behavioral reasons, difficult to treat allergies, or because they are recovering from a surgery or injury typically need to wear a cone. These cones can be very challenging for some dogs to wear and can make it difficult for them to move around.

A muzzle can be an effective way to prevent dogs from injuring themselves when you’re not watching.

No dog should have to wear a muzzle at all times, so a muzzle should be only one of several solutions for self-injuring behavior.

Ongoing behavioral problems

Whether your dog suffers from aggression or wants to eat things that they shouldn’t, a muzzle can be a great solution and training aid, even if training takes some time. Some dogs will need to wear a muzzle throughout their lives.

If you are training a dog for ongoing behavioral problems using a muzzle and not seeing improvement, it may be time to take your dog’s quality of life into consideration or try something new.

Never Use a Muzzle For These Things

  • Punishment. A muzzle should never be a punishment. Dogs should be conditioned to think of the muzzle positively and it should only be put on when your dog is in a positive state of mind. No dog should be forced into wearing a muzzle, except in extreme circumstances, such as in the case of emergencies.
  • Most problem behaviors when you’re not there. Muzzles can be a good temporary solution for problem chewing and self-destructive behavior, even when you’re not there, but for most problem behaviors, it is essential that you are actively training your dog.

Remember: Dog Muzzles Don’t Replace Training

A muzzle should be considered a training aid that may be removed at some point when training has been accomplished, except in cases where muzzles are required by breed legislation. If your dog displays aggressive behavior, muzzling them is the best way to prevent accidents during training, but it is not an excuse to not work on your dog’s aggression.

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