Best Dog Grooming Clippers Reviewed 2019

After reviewing over 30 dog clippers, interviewing multiple dog grooming professionals and clipping several dogs big and small, over three weeks. We are certain that these are the best dog clippers available today. This buying guide will help you find the best clippers for your dog and situation. With in-depth reviews, graphs and detailed information.

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Best Clipper 2018

Wahl KM10 Featured

Wahl KM 10

  • Clipper Of The Year 2018
  • Brushless Motors
  • Comfortable, Sleek Design

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Wahl U-Clip Featured Image

Wahl U-Clip Delux

  • Low Price
  • Good Cutting Power For The Money
  • Comes With Combs

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Best Mid-Range

Andis EasyClip Pro Featured Image

Andis EasyClip Pro

  • Great Value For Money
  • Wisper Quiet
  • High Powered

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Best Home Use Cordless

Wahl Pro Ion Cordless Featured

Wahl Pro Ion

  • 2 Hours On One Charge
  • Everything You Need Included
  • Lightweight, Ergonomic

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Best Professional Cordless

Wahl KM10 Cordless Featured

Wahl KM10 Cordless

  • Long Battery Life
  • Brushless Motor
  • Cordless Clipper Of The Year 2018

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Need more help finding clippers that will get the job done right?

Whether you occasionally clip your own dog or are a dog grooming professional, it is important that you find the right tool for the job. If your dog has straight, thick, wired, curly or matted hair. Whether your dog is very small or just gigantic, there is a clipper designed specifically for you.

Common questions about the best clippers:

  • What’s best for small or very large dogs?
  • What is best for my dog’s coat type?
  • What are the best cordless clippers? And will they do the job?
  • How much do I need to spend?
  • What brands are the best?
  • What about for professional groomers?

There are countless pet clipper manufacturers out there, and each one has several different products, the result is hundreds if not thousands of products to choose from. How is anyone supposed to know what to get? After testing, reviewing and shortlisting the best clippers, we are actually left with a relatively small number of products that really get the job done well and on any budget.

Did your clippers:

  • Cut in uneven chunks?
  • Jam up?
  • Overheat?

Or maybe they were just so loud and vibrated so much they scared your dog. Now you need triple A grade beef to lure him to come near the things?

Don’t fret, we personally promise every clipper we recommend will have YOU eating the A grade beef, not your dog.


This quick reference guide will give you an overview of the clippers that fit best with your dog’s size, coat type, budget, and needs.

Dog Size And Coat TypeGets The Job DoneSmoother Cut More ReliableEffortless Cutting, Long Lasting

Very Small Dog

Icons Of Very Small Breed Dogs

Consider TrimmerWahl ARCOWahl Bravura

Small Dog

Icons Of Small Breed Dogs

Wahl U ClipWahl Pro IonAndis Easy Clip Pro

Small Dog Thick Coat

Icons Of Small Breed Thick Coated Dogs

Wahl U ClipAndis Easy Clip ProOster PowerMax

Medium Dog

Icons Of Medium Breed Dogs

Wahl U ClipWahl SS-ProOster PowerMax

Medium Dog Thick Coat

Icons Of Medium Breed Thick Coated Dogs

Wahl SS-ProOster PowerMaxWahl KM2

Large Dog

Icons Of Large Breed Dogs

Wahl SS-ProWahl KM2Andis AGC2

Large Dog Thick Coat

Icons Of Large Breed Thick Coated Dogs

Wahl KM2Andis AGC2Wahl KM10

Very Large Dog

Icons Of Very Large Breed Dogs

Wahl KM2Andis AGC2Wahl KM10

What Makes A Dog Clipper Good?

Many people believe it is all about the speed of the blades, but this is simply not the case.

Blade Quality & Precision

A good cut is the result of mostly the quality of the blades, the hardness of the steal and its ability to both maintain a sharp edge and the two blades maintaining a tight smooth transition across each other. Even if the clipper blades are going 10,000 rotations per minute, if the blades are at all loose it will cut very little.

Torque & Speed

The next quality that plays heavily into giving a clean cut is the torque of the motor, its ability to maintain speed even under heavy load.

Heat Prevention & Dispersion

The machines ability to stay cool. Brushless motors and other technologies are used in higher-end machines to generate less heat and disperse that heat well. They can be run for extended periods with very little heat being generated. Cheaper machines are known for heating up very quickly, if you have an underpowered machine you must be very careful not to burn the dog’s skin.

Durability & Longevity

Quality casings, motors, moving parts and batteries in cordless options can extend the life of a clipper significantly. It is important to keep these things in mind because though cheaper clippers may seem good value, better quality models may present better value over the long-term.

Corded or Cordless?

Corded VS Cordless Dog Clippers

Corded/Wired clippers are generally more powerful. So they are a requirement for most large dogs and dogs with tougher hair. Professionals rarely use cordless clippers to shave dogs all day long.

Cordless/Battery clippers are great for shaving a smaller dog with fine hair every so often. Recent improvements in lithium batteries have given cordless clippers a lot of power and extended use on one charge. However, the cordless clippers that are capable of doing this effectively come with a pretty hefty price tag.

Predominantly cordless clippers are used for smaller areas of larger dogs. Here is a table of the recommended clipper for the job on different dog sizes and coat types:

Dog Sizes & Coat ThicknessOccasional CordlessConstant Cordless
Very Small DogWahl ArcoWahl Bravura
Small DogWahl Pro IonWahl Arco
Small Dog Thick HairWahl ArcoWahl Bravura
Medium DogWahl BravuraWahl Motion
Medium Dog Thick HairWahl MotionWahl KM Cordless
Large DogWahl MotionWahl KM Cordless
Large Dog Thick HairWahl KM CordlessNot Recommended
Very Large DogWahl KM CordlessNot Recommended

Clippers Or Trimmers

Dog Trimmers VS Dog ClippersA lot of people use these two terms interchangeably, however, the word “clippers” refers to larger, wider products that are designed to shave large areas. Trimmers are smaller and more narrow, they are used for small areas and finer more detailed work, like around the feet and face of a dog. Trimmers are also almost always cordless.

Human Hair VS Dog Hair Clippers

Human Hair VS Dog Hair

There is a vast difference between human hair clippers and dog hair clippers. Though someone with a small fine haired dog may be able to get away with using a human hair clipper on their dog, it is still not recommended and can even be dangerous. Once you have used even a low-end dog clipper, you will understand why and never go back.

Dog hair is much denser. There is more hair per square inch.

Why are dog clippers more expensive than human clippers?

Dog clippers are more expensive than human hair clippers, keeping them quiet (so they don’t scare the animals) yet maintaining power is one reason, also the higher blade speed and finer blade teeth also add to the cost of making them.

  • Dog clippers are built specifically to deal with the many fine hairs
  • More and finer teeth on the blade
  • Duller edged and snag free blades
  • Silent motors to reduce scaring the animal
  • Higher blade velocity

It is specifically designed this way to better deal with the high load of smaller finer hairs we throw at it than a humans head would. Vise Versa, trying to use dog clippers on human hair will not go well, the gaps in the blades are too fine and it does not deal well with the thickness of human hair.

Home Use VS Professional Use

The last consideration is the quality of the clipper you need. Most home users will do just fine with a low to mid-range clipper, unless you have an extremely large dog, with incredibly thick hair or you just want the best of the best. You can save considerable money by going with a mid-range quality clipper.

Professional Grade Clippers are considerably more expensive, it is for this reason we have split home and pro use into two separate sections. With dog clippers, you truly get what you pay for. Pro-grade clippers will get through a lot of thick hair with ease, often requiring only one pass to get the job done.

The differences are:

  • Higher velocity blade speeds
  • Quality parts and longevity
  • Adjustable speeds
  • Extended warranties

Dog Clipper Feature Comparison Chart

Clipper NameStrokes Per MinuteSpeedMade InWarrantyHead TypeBrushlessBattery Life
Home Use:
Wahl U-Clip7,2001USA2 years30-15-10Nox
Andis Easy Clip Pro3,7001USA1 year10Nox
Wahl SS-Pro3,2001USA1 year10Nox
Oster PowerMax2,700-4,2002USA1 year10Nox
Wahl KM23,000-3,4002Hungary2 years10Nox
Andis AGS25,5001USA1 year10Nox
Oster A53,000-4,0002USA1 year10Nox
KM103,000-3,7002Hungary5 years10Yesx
Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed3,400-4,4002USA1 year10Nox
Oster A63,100-44003USA1 year10Nox
Cordless - Home Use:
Wahl Pro Ion6,0001USA1 year30-15-10Yes120 Minutes
Wahl Arco5,5001Hungary1 year5 in 1 FineNo80 Minutes
Wahl Bravura Lithium5,5001Hungary1 year5 in 1 FineNo90 Minutes
Andis Pet ProClip5,5001USA1 year9-10-15-30-40Yes120 Minutes
Cordless - Professional
Wahl KM Cordless3,000-3,7002USA5 years10Yes120 Minutes
Wahl Motion Lithium5,5001Hungary1 year5 in 1 ProNo90 Minutes
Andis ARG+3,8001USA1 year10No60 Minutes

Best Home Use Clippers

1. Wahl U-Clip:

First time grooming your dog at home and you don’t want to make a big investment just in case it doesn’t go well? The Wahl U-Clip is a great option that will get the job done without breaking the bank. The adjustable blade and included detachable combs give you great flexibility in choosing the length you want to leave your dog.

The accessories that come with the Wahl U-Clip include everything you need to start grooming your dog at home, including an instructional DVD, apron, comb, scissors, and more. There’s no need to buy a bunch of additional tools, making the cheap price of these clippers an even better deal. Why spend the time and money buying everything separately when you can get everything in one great product?

Our Take:
The Wahl U-Clip works best for dogs with fine to medium hair. With a motor speed of up to 7,200 strokes per minute, these clippers have enough power to get through fine to medium coats without getting overly hot, although with thick or matted hair they will struggle and heat up a lot.

While there is a bit of a learning curve to grooming your dog at home, the Wahl U-Clip pays for itself in only one grooming session. If you’re worried you might have trouble clipping your dog at home, the Wahl U-clip is a good investment that won’t put you out a ton of money if you decide that grooming your own dog is too difficult.

Wahl has been making quality clippers for nearly 100 years, so you know you can count on these clippers lasting a long time as long as you take care of them (and try to avoid dropping them). Wahl also makes many other great models if you want to upgrade from this model in the future.

Overall, the Wahl U-Clip is a great product for the price!


  • Great price
  • Comes with everything you need to start grooming your dog at home


  • May struggle with thick, curly, or matted fur
  • Since the blade isn’t detachable, you have less flexibility with length
  • May not last long due to cheap construction/won’t tolerate being dropped

2. Andis Easy Clip Pro:

Andis has been the favorite brand of professional groomers for many decades. Their reliability, sturdiness, and ease of maintenance are hard to beat. With the Andis Easy Clip Pro, professional-quality clippers are available for a home-grooming price.

Many clippers priced for home use have fixed or adjustable blades that rely on plastic attachment combs for longer lengths. Attachment combs are great for some, but not all, hair types. Thick and matted coats, for example, will cut more smoothly with a ¼” blade than they will with a ¼” plastic attachment comb.

The Andis Easy Clip Pro uses detachable blades, so you can purchase longer blades and get a smoother, easier cut than you would with plastic attachment combs over a fixed blade. Detachable blades are also great for when the blade inevitably gets hot (even the most expensive blades and clippers will heat up after time) – you can pop on a spare blade instead of using greasy blade coolant. The Andis Easy Clip Pro does include 4 attachment combs for coat types that look better with an attachment comb, such as fine coats.

Our Take:
We love the 12’ long cord because you don’t want to have to stop grooming your dog to reposition them or your clippers because the cord isn’t long enough. The longer cord allows you more freedom of movement than clippers that only have an 8’ cord.

At 3,700 strokes per minute, the motor is powerful enough to get through most coats, although it may struggle with extremely thick or matted hair.

Professional groomers and home users who put heavy-duty usage on their clippers may find that these don’t stand up to persistent strain, but they should be sturdy enough for most people who groom their dogs at home that don’t want to spend $100 or more on professional-grade clippers.


  • Reasonable price
  • Long cord
  • Powerful enough for most coat types
  • Detachable blades offer flexibility
  • Comes with 4 attachment combs


  • May struggle with thick, curly, or matted coats
  • May not last long with excessive use

3. Wahl SS-Pro:

If you’re looking for clippers that you can maintain yourself to help them last longer, the Wahl SS-Pro includes 2 extra replacement drive tips and a drive tip removal tool. Most clippers under $100 don’t have drive tips or blade drives that are easy to replace, meaning the clippers must be replaced or sent out for maintenance once the drive tip or blade drive wears out – and it’s a piece that WILL wear out over time. Spending a little extra on these clippers could buy you more years of use since you can maintain them at home.

The Wahl SS-Pro uses detachable blades, which gives you more flexibility when choosing lengths for your dog’s haircut. Some coat types look better with a longer blade than with an attachment comb, and thick or matted hair is easier to cut with a blade than with an attachment comb. It’s also handy to keep a spare blade nearby for when the blade gets hot, since all blades get hot eventually.

Our Take:
We love that the Wahl SS-Pro come with 2 stainless steel attachment combs – most professional dog groomers prefer stainless steel attachment combs over plastic attachment combs. They cut smoothly through more coat types, are less likely to make a haircut look choppy, and are less likely to pop off the blade than plastic attachment combs. If you don’t like the 2 lengths included, you can buy other lengths separately.

At 3,200 strokes per minute, these clippers are powerful enough to get through most coats. At only 12.3 ounces, the Wahl SS-Pro is also one of the lighter clipper models on the market, which means your hand and arm will get less fatigued while clipping your pet. These clippers are also quieter than many other clipper models.


  • Comes with replacement parts to extend the life of the clippers
  • Has detachable blades
  • Includes 2 steel attachment combs that are better than plastic
  • Lighter than most other clippers
  • Fairly quiet


  • May have trouble with thick, curly, or matted coats
  • Only comes with 2 attachment combs and 1 blade
  • Replacing the drive tip may be difficult

4. Oster Powermax:

The Oster brand has been trusted by professional pet groomers and hair stylists for nearly 100 years. The Oster Powermax 2-speed clippers are a great choice. They can handle the heavy load of a professional groomer at a price that pays for itself after just a couple of grooms done at home. They’re powerful enough to cut through most coat types.

The detachable blade on the Oster Powermax gives you more flexibility than fixed or adjustable blades, even though you need to purchase additional clipper blades or attachment combs separately. Often, longer clipper blades provide a smoother, easier cut than a blade with an attachment comb over it. If you choose to purchase attachment combs (since none are included with the Oster Powermax), spring for steel attachment combs. They’re sturdier, provide a smoother cut, and get through and under small mats better than plastic attachment combs.

Our Take:
The handy thing about 2-speed clippers that the average home groomer may not know is that you can use the 2,700 stroke per minute slower speed for sensitive areas like the face, feet, and potty areas. The slower speed takes longer to get hot, giving you the opportunity to do sensitive areas with less risk of burning your dog (especially if you clip these areas first). The 4,200 stroke per minute faster speed is powerful enough to clip through pretty much any coat type, although you need to have blade coolant and/or spare blades handy, as they can get quite hot.

Although the clippers themselves may become hot, they are lightweight and ergonomic so they’re easier to use than heavier models. The 12’ cord gives you great flexibility for moving around your dog without being stuck too close to an outlet.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • 2 speeds
  • Detachable blades


  • Blades can get quite hot
  • Only comes with 1 blade and no attachment combs

5. Wahl KM2:

One great feature of the Wahl KM2 is that it uses detachable blades. This allows you to pick the perfect haircut length for your dog since attachment combs aren’t always the best choice. Sometimes a longer blade will cut faster and more smoothly than doing a cut with an attachment comb. Detachable blades also give you the chance to quickly change blades as they get hot instead of stopping to spray the blade with messy coolant.

The 16’ cord allows you the ultimate freedom of movement for grooming large animals including horses without needing to reposition the animal to accommodate where the cord is plugged in.

This kit includes a Wahl Competition Series #10 blade and an instructional DVD to help guide you through your pet’s first haircut. It does not include any attachment combs. If you choose to purchase attachment combs separately, we recommend buying steel attachment combs because they cut more smoothly and are less likely to pop off the blade during grooming.

Our Take:
The Wahl KM2 clippers are powerful and sturdy enough to be used by professional groomers. The 2 speeds are great if you know how to use them. Start by doing your dog’s sensitive areas like the face, feet, and potty areas with the slower 3,000 stroke per minute speed which takes longer to get hot. Then amp up to the faster 3,400 stroke per minute speed to clip the body. The higher speed is powerful enough to clip most coats if you use a sharp blade of an appropriate length. Keep in mind that all blades get hot with time, so you’ll want to keep blade coolant or spare blades handy.

The Wahl KM2 has an ergonomic body and weighs less than a pound, so it’s easy to use and less likely to cause fatigue than heavier models.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • 2 speeds
  • Powerful enough to clip any coat type
  • Includes instructional DVD
  • Very long cord
  • Detachable blades


  • Only comes with 1 blade and no attachment combs
  • Blades can get hot

6. Andis AGC2:

The Andis AGC2 is a solid entry-level professional-grade clipper. The fabulous thing about Andis clippers is that they are easy to maintain yourself. Changing out parts is cheap and easy, meaning these clippers can last just about forever. Blade drives, in particular, will wear out after a good amount of use. The part costs less than $10 and it takes less than 5 minutes with a screwdriver to replace, extending the life of your clippers beyond models that need to be professionally maintained.

The 2,700 strokes per minute on the slower speed is perfect for shaving your dog’s sensitive areas like the face, feet, and potty area without getting hot as quickly. The 3,400 strokes per minute on the faster speed is powerful enough for most coat types with the right blade.

Our Take:
As with any clippers, the blades can get hot with use. Since these clippers use detachable blades, you can purchase additional blades to easily switch out rather than using messy cooling sprays. This is also a convenient feature if you have multiple dogs that you like to keep different lengths. Since these clippers don’t come with attachment combs, we recommend stainless steel attachment combs if you decide to purchase some. They cut through thick hair better and leave a smoother cut compared to plastic attachment combs. They’re also less likely to pop off in the middle of a grooming.

While these clippers are a bit on the heavy side, they are quite sturdy and will tolerate a little bit of dropping and bumping better than many other clipper models. The 14’ cord gives you plenty of room to move around your pet while clipping them.

The Andis AG2 is quieter than many clipper models with less vibration, making it a great choice for skittish pets.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Professional-grade
  • Powerful enough for any coat type
  • Very sturdy
  • Fairly quiet
  • 2 speeds


  • A little heavy
  • Only comes with 1 blade and no attachment combs

7. Oster A5:

If you’re looking for solid workhorse clippers that will cut through any type of fur, the Oster A5 is a good bet. Professional groomers have been using the Oster A5 series for many decades and love the power, sturdiness, and reliability.

The slower 3,000 stroke per minute speed is great for shaving sensitive areas like the face, feet, and potty area, while the 4,000 stroke per minute faster speed will cut through even thick, curly, or matted coats with ease as long as you use an appropriate blade. They’re even powerful enough to shave a horse without problems.

Our Take:
One downside to the Oster A5 is that it’s quite heavy at nearly 2 pounds. The weight issue is outweighed by the fact that these clippers are so sturdy and durable. They can chug along for years, if not decades, with proper upkeep. They may even outlive your pet. They’ll also tolerate a bit of dropping since they aren’t made from cheap plastic.

The clippers themselves as well as the blades can get quite hot. Luckily, this model has detachable blades so that you can quickly switch out hot blades for cooler ones. It only comes with one blade, so you will likely want to purchase additional blade lengths or attachment combs. We recommend steel attachment combs since they cut smoother, even on thick or curly coats, than plastic attachment combs. Longer blade lengths also make a great choice for dogs with thick or curly hair rather than using attachment combs.

The 12’ cord on the Oster A5 is long enough to let you move around your pet while grooming them. You won’t be stuck right next to an outlet with these clippers.


  • Sturdy
  • Powerful enough for any coat type
  • Trusted by professional groomers for decades
  • 2 speeds
  • Detachable blades


  • Clippers and blades can get hot
  • Very heavy
  • Only includes 1 blade and no attachment combs

Best Professional Clippers

1. Wahl KM10:

The Wahl KM 10 is a sturdy set of professional-grade clippers that will cut through any coat with ease. Professional groomers have trusted the Wahl brand for many decades, and the KM10 is a staple for many groomers.

The slower 3,000 stroke per minute speed is powerful enough to get through most coats, while the faster 3,700 stroke per minute speed is powerful enough to cut through any coat and get under severe matting (with the right blade).

Our take:
The Wahl KM10 is one of the lighter clipper models on the market, and its ergonomic shape will help reduce hand and arm fatigue. Assuming you get a good set right out of the box, these clippers can last for many years with little maintenance.

It’s a known problem that the cord tends to come apart from the base of the clippers. You can try to prevent that by taping the cord to the base of the clippers as soon as you buy them. Otherwise, replacing the cord is relatively straightforward.

As with any professional-grade clippers, blades will get hot with use, especially shorter blades. You should always keep blade coolant or spare blades handy and touch the blade to the inside of your forearm periodically to check how hot it is.

It’s important to note that, while one of the pictures talks about Wahl’s attachment combs, they are NOT INCLUDED with the purchase of this clipper. If you are looking for high-quality attachment combs, the Wahl steel attachment combs are top of the line and have been a staple for professional groomers for many years, but you will need to purchase them separately.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Powerful enough for any coat type
  • Detachable blades give you flexibility in haircut lengths
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • 14’ cord means you aren’t stuck close to an outlet


  • Some people report problems with Wahl’s customer service

2. Andis UltraEdge AGC2:

The Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed has been the preferred clipper style for many professional groomers over the years. It’s powerful enough to clip through any coat, even matted coats. The slower speed is great for sensitive areas like the potty paths, face, and feet, while the faster speed will power through even matted coats (with the right blade).

For many years, the Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed only came in blue or silver, but now it comes in 5 colors: blue, burgundy, lime green, orange, and purple. It includes one #10 Andis UltraEdge blade.

Our take:
As a professional groomer for 12 years, I tried many different brands and styles of clippers but always came back to the Andis UltraEdge. They’re sturdy and reliable and very easy to maintain yourself, meaning you can often fix them yourself without having to send them away for repairs.

The Andis UltraEdge is not the lightest, most ergonomic model on the market, but it isn’t the heaviest, either. As with any professional-grade clipper, the blades can get hot quite fast, especially shorter blades. Keep blade coolant or spare blades handy and check the temperature of the blade frequently.

Detachable blades give you more options for finding the right length and look for your pup versus being forced to use attachment combs for everything.

These clippers are also quieter than many other clipper models on the market today.

If you’re looking for professional-grade clippers that can last for many years, look no further than the Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed.


  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Powerful enough for any coat type
  • 14’ cord
  • Detachable blades give you flexibility in hair lengths
  • Easy to maintain to extend the lifespan of the clippers


  • Blades can get hot
  • Only includes one #10 blade and no attachment combs

3. Oster A6 Cool Comfort:

The Oster A6 Cool Comfort is a 3-speed clipper in a world of 2-speeds, which gives you the flexibility to use the slowest speed to fit your needs. Slower speeds are quieter and take longer to heat up blades, while faster speeds have the power to cut through thick or matted coats.

Much lighter than the Oster A5 model, the Oster A6 Cool Comfort is one of the more ergonomic clipper models on the market. Compared to the Oster A5, the switch on the Oster A6 is less likely to become damaged. It includes one #10 Oster CryogenX blade and no attachment combs.

Our take:
The Oster A6 Cool Comfort is a powerful professional-grade clipper that will cut through any coat type, even matted coats (with the right blade). Detachable blades give you the freedom to pick exactly the right blade(s) for your needs.

The plastic housing helps keep the weight of the clippers down but is prone to breaking, which can significantly reduce the lifespan of these clippers.

For grooming your own dogs, the Oster A6 Cool Comfort can be a great choice. It has power but isn’t overly heavy. The Oster A6 may not be as great of an option for professional groomers since the plastic case seems to break more easily than other clipper models.

As with any professional-grade clippers, the blades can get very hot. Check the blade against the inside of your arm from time to time and if the blade is hot, spray it with blade coolant or switch to a different blade.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Powerful
  • 3 speeds (3,100 strokes per minute, 3,600 spm, 4,400 spm)
  • Less vibration than other clippers


  • Plastic parts break easily
  • Less reliable than other clippers

Best Home Use Cordless Clippers

1. Wahl Pro Ion:

If you’re thinking about trying to groom your dog at home but don’t want to spend a lot of money in case it doesn’t go well, the Wahl Pro Ion home pet grooming kit is a great set of starter cordless clippers. They come with a comb, scissors, attachment combs, and a DVD showing you how to groom your dog at home.

These cordless clippers hold a charge for up to 2 hours, giving you plenty of time to clip your dog when you are uncertain of what you’re doing.

Our take:
The Wahl Pro Ion is very lightweight and has everything you need to start grooming your pet at home for a reasonable price. It’s designed more for trimming potty areas, faces, and feet rather than full body haircuts, but it can manage a full haircut on fine to medium hair.

The 7 included attachment combs give you plenty of length options if you choose to do a full haircut on your dog, although they are flimsy plastic and don’t cut through thick hair well.

Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Since this is a cheap product, expect it to be cheaply made. If you find that you enjoy grooming your dog at home, you’ll probably need to upgrade sooner rather than later, but if you decide to leave full grooms to the professionals, at least you haven’t spent a ton of money, and you can still do touch-ups at home.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with everything you need to start grooming your dog at home
  • Includes a carrying case and an instructional DVD
  • Runs for 2 hours on one charge
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable blade has 3 lengths (#30-15-10)


  • Won’t work well on thick or curly coats
  • Noisy
  • Tend to break or die with extended use

2. Wahl ARCO:

The Wahl ARCO has been a staple trimmer of professional groomers for many years. While it’s best for small detail work like faces, feet, and potty areas, it has enough power to do full cuts on small to medium dogs with fine to medium hair.

The 80-minute run time per battery, as well as the inclusion of a spare battery, means you can groom your whole dog in one grooming session.

The Wahl ARCO comes in 5 fun colors: champagne, green apple, hot pink, purple, and teal.

Our take:
The Wahl ARCO is a great light-duty clipper. It’s very lightweight, making it easy on your hand and arm while you’re clipping.

In addition to the charging stand and two batteries, the Wahl ARCO includes a 5-in-1 adjustable blade and 4 attachment combs, which makes it easier to use straight out of the box.

Since they are so lightweight, it doesn’t take much of a drop to damage them, but if you can avoid dropping them, they can last a while with proper maintenance.

If you have a small dog with fine hair or only plan to use this for touch-ups, it’s a solid option for its price point.


  • Very lightweight and ergonomic, coming in at only half a pound
  • Quiet
  • 5 colors to choose from
  • 80-minute run time per battery
  • Comes with 2 batteries and a charger
  • Charging stand makes it easy to charge while you’re working on something else
  • Includes 4 plastic attachment combs


  • Included attachment combs only go up to ½”, not good for longer cuts
  • Break easily if dropped
  • Not enough power for thick coats, matted dogs, or large dogs

3. Wahl Bravura Lithium:

If you want cordless clippers but worry about getting through a full grooming on one charge, the Wahl Bravura Lithium can be used with or without a cord. If you run out of battery charge halfway through grooming, just pop on the cord and keep going. You’re unlikely to need to do this unless you have multiple dogs or one huge dog, though, since the charge lasts 90 minutes.

The Wahl Bravura Lithium is a cordless clipper that’s powerful enough to get through most coats. It’s very lightweight and comfortable to use. It also comes in 6 fun colors: berry, burgundy, gunmetal, pink, purple, and turquoise.

Our take:
The Wahl Bravura Lithium is a good middle-of-the-road cordless clipper. It is sturdy enough for most users and the 90-minute run time will get through most haircuts, but it does have some drawbacks.

The plastic piece that holds the 5-in-1 blade on tends to break, rendering the clippers useless. The power button is also in an inconvenient location, making it easy to accidentally shut the clippers off during use.

It only takes 60 minutes to charge fully, but it’s nice to know you can plug it in and keep grooming if necessary.

The Wahl Bravura Lithium comes with a 5-in-1 blade and 6 attachment combs, which works fine for most home users.


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Cordless, but can run with a cord, too
  • 90-minute cordless runtime


  • Being rough with these clippers can break an important small plastic piece and render them useless
  • The power button is in a bad location, making it easy to accidentally shut off the clippers

4. Andis Pet Proclip:

The Andis Pet ProClip is a cordless clipper with a 5-in-1 blade and a run time of 2 hours. It’s intended primarily for light-duty use like trimming faces, feet, and sanitary areas. It may handle full-body haircuts with some coat types.

It includes 4 attachment combs, with the longest being ½”. It has a detachable battery and comes with a charging stand.

Our take:
The ProClip is a bit of a disappointment from the usually-reliable Andis company. There is a known issue with the battery coming loose or falling out of the clippers, with many users resorting to taping the battery in.

The 5-in-1 blade tends to dull very quickly, and it can’t be sharpened. The frequent replacement costs for a new blade can add up quickly. You can also only use the included attachment combs, so you’re out of luck if you want to do a cut longer than ½”.

If you only need cordless trimmers for light-duty use, the Andis ProClip may work well for you, but you probably won’t be able to use it for full-body grooming.


  • 2-hour runtime
  • Recharges in only 1 hour
  • Charging stand allows you to easily charge while you work on something else
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic


  • Reports of some quality control issues with batteries falling out and blades falling off
  • Not suited for full-body clips
  • 5-in-1 blade can’t be sharpened, dulls quickly, and is expensive to replace

Best Professional Cordless Clippers

1. Wahl KM Cordless:

Wahl has taken their popular KM 10 clipper model and made a cordless version of it with the Wahl KM cordless. Unlike many cordless clippers, the Wahl KM cordless uses detachable blades, which gives you greater grooming flexibility.

These 2-speed clippers can be used with or without the cord. With a 2-hour runtime, you should be able to groom one or more full dogs, but it’s handy to be able to plug it in if you forget to charge it or the battery runs out. It includes one #10 Wahl Ultimate Competition Series blade.

Our take:

The Wahl KM cordless is a great choice for a cordless clipper because it has removable blades and a 2-hour runtime. The charging cord is a less-convenient charging method than a docking station, but it’s handy to be able to still use your clippers while they charge if necessary.

As with any new product, there are some quality control issues, so you may need to replace them within a few months, but if you get a good pair, they should be solid and last a while.

One downside to the Wahl KM cordless is that maintenance often needs to be done by a professional (unlike Andis products, which can often be maintained at home).


  • Quiet
  • 2-hour runtime
  • 2 speeds (3,000 strokes per minute and 3,700 spm)
  • Detachable blades
  • Can be used while plugged in if necessary


  • A little on the heavier side
  • The charging cord is less efficient than a docking station

2. Wahl Motion Lithium:

The Wahl Motion Lithium Cordless clipper is a very lightweight, ergonomic clipper with a removable finger grip to reduce the likelihood of dropping it. It includes a 5-in-1 blade and 6 attachment combs.

The Wahl Motion Lithium Cordless boasts a 90-minute run time and charges in only 60 minutes. The charging base allows you to charge the clippers easily while you work on something else.

Our take:
These lightweight clippers are great for light-duty usage for faces, feet, and potty areas, but they don’t stand up well for full-body clips apart from on the smallest dogs with fine to medium hair.

The sleek body design is easy on the hands, but it also gets slippery and can slide right out of your hands if you don’t use the optional finger grip.

The included attachment combs go all the way up to 1”, which makes it a better option than other clippers that only include shorter attachment combs.

These clippers tend to work well for a while but run into problems down the road. The battery may stop charging, the clippers may decide not to turn off, and the 5-in-1 blade tends to dull quickly.

The Wahl Motion Lithium Cordless is a better bet for a home groomer than for a professional groomer.


  • 90-minute runtime
  • Charges in only 60 minutes
  • Charging base allows you to easily pop it into the charger while you work on something else
  • Very lightweight


  • Easy to slip out of your hands
  • 5-in-1 blade tends to get dull quickly

3. Andis AGR+ (Discontinued):

This used to be our number one recommended professional dog clipper. And though it is still available for purchase on Amazon, stock is limited and due to it being discontinued we no longer advice that people purchase this product as parts and service will quickly become more and more difficult to come by.


  • Long battery life
  • Whisper quiet
  • Durable and heavy duty
  • Removable battery
  • Smooth, effortless cutting


  • Is a little heavier than some

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What Is The Difference Between Attached And Detached Blades?

A: One is fixed in place and the other with a quick snap of a button be removed. The main advantage of detachable/removable blades is that you can easily change blade sizes and replace broken blades to extend the life of the unit. It also makes for easier cleaning and oiling in and under the blade. Most lower end machines will come with a fixed blade.

Q: What Are The Best Dog Clipper Brands?


Andis: In the pro-dog grooming world, Andis is are the most highly regarded brand. They make durable, long-lasting and comfortable professional clippers. Recently the prices of two of their clippers have come into the range of domestic use and we love them.

Oster: Another of the top brands with grooming professionals. Andis and Wahl produce much better batteries and cordless models in general, so you won’t find them in our list of cordless products. Their product the A5 has had strong long-term standing in the professional groomer community and is in the price range of some home users.

Wahl: A full range of products for every occasion. In the home shaving/grooming space they dominate the market and when it comes to professional grade grooming equipment they are certainly not being left in the dust. With the release of their flagship pro clipper the KM10 and KM cordless, it has put their clippers in the hands of more professionals than ever before. Wahl also excels in cordless clippers and trimmers with exceptional lithium battery lifespans.

Q: What are the best clippers for small dogs?

A: Though we have outlined quite clearly in the charts the best options for smaller dogs like the Shih Tzu, Chihuahua and teacup breads, generally speaking, narrow and cordless clippers will be the best option. Some trimmers will also get the job done and may save you some money, however, in our experience, we find clippers better.

Q: What are the best clippers for matted hair?

A: Generally speaking, if you have a poodle, labradoodle, golden doodle or any curly hair, thick-haired bread dog, matting is inevitable. For these coat types, there is not a specific type/style of clipper, however, you will want to opt for something with a bit more power and torque, the heavy-duty machines will go through the thickest hair effortlessly. That said it is really important that you remove any matting prior to attempting to shave your dog.

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