4 Ways To Puppy Proof Your Home

Adopting a puppy can be the beginning of a lifelong friendship, you finally have someone to spend those long couch-potato days with! And the most exciting part of getting a puppy is bringing that little fur baby home. But before you do that, you want to be sure your pup is coming home to a clean, decluttered space that doesn’t pose any threats to the fragile pooch. After all, you want to make sure that your home is a safe place for your new best friend to grow up.

Create a Safe Space

When your puppy is indoors, you will need a safe place for your puppy to live. This can be a dedicated room, or an area partitioned off with a puppy or baby gate. If the puppy has free reign of the household, then you need to puppy proof the entire area (which isn’t fun nor stylish). You could also consider crate training to keep your home safe and your puppy safe.

When outside, your puppy will need a safe place to play and a safe place to do his business (if you know what we mean). Make sure that your yard is fenced and secure. Walk the perimeter and check for holes your puppy could wriggle out of. The grass is always great because it hides the poo until you get around to picking it up!

Make sure the gate is secure and keep an eye on your new friend so that no one can hurt or steal him. Don’t let your puppy have access to the pool, areas that he could climb or fall off of, and plants that could be harmful.

Understand What Can Be Poisonous to a Puppy

Puppies are curious and love to chew. Just about anything they smell might be worth tasting for them, and they can smell everything. Put household cleaners and chemicals in a cupboard with a childproof lock. Put any soaps and grooming products away or out of the puppy’s reach.

Watch out for prescriptions drugs, pain relievers, and alcohol. Things like xylitol gum and sweeteners can be poisonous to a puppy as can some house plants, spices, and even chocolate. If it is not designed for a puppy to eat, make sure your pup can’t get to it. This includes putting the toilet lid down.

Power and Swallowing Hazards

As mentioned above, puppies love to chew, and it is a good idea to have some chew toys or bones for your puppy. Dogs like having their possessions and will appreciate having safe things that they can have without getting into trouble.

You also want to watch out for power cords. Make sure that cables are out of reach and that outlets aren’t easily accessible to your puppy. Blocking outlets with furniture or getting outlet covers works well.

You also don’t want your puppy swallowing things, he is not supposed to consume. Keep batteries, coins, and anything small that your puppy could get to out of reach. Your house will be neater, and you will feel better about those puppy sounds you hear from the other room.

Dog Chewing On Power Cord

Keep Danger at Bay

Danger can come in many forms. It could be other pets, children, or even neighbors. Make sure that everyone in the house is aware of how fragile a new puppy can be. This means playing gently and keeping the proper doors shut. Also, watch out for your Nan, she may try and feed your new pooch something he/she likely can’t eat!

Other pets ranging from a grouchy cat to a bigger dog could endanger your puppy too. Take an inventory of who and what is around the area and make sure anything dangerous can’t access the puppy. After all, your new pup is 100% dependent on you, aside from an overflow of kisses, be sure they’re safe to live a long and healthy life!

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